I was drunk the night my friend died from a car crash

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Peppie, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Back in February, I was partying with some friends in my dorm room. I was starting to feel the alcohol really taking a hold of me (you know: dizziness, light-headed, slurred speech) when my older sister calls me. I step out into the hallway and answer my phone. Apparently, one of my friends from high school had been in a car accident and she was losing blood to her brain so she was going to die. Me, being drunk, told my sister I was busy and out with people and that I wasn't near a computer (she said it was all over people's facebook status').

    That night, she died, while I was pounding down some more vodka.

    I've always felt bad that I didn't care at that moment because it really tore me up the next day when I called back and my sister told me she was confirmed dead later in the night.

    It just kills me inside that I was too drunk to care.

    I've moved on and I can still drink. I just regret not caring at the time.

    Thanks for listening GC
  2. Shit I wish I was drunk when they told me my best friend died.

  3. It was worse waking up with a hangover and hearing she was already dead, trust me.

    She was a really nice girl, everyone liked her and she was really friendly. I even drove 3 hours and skipped classes to go to her memorial service. It was really depressing. The cathedral it was at was packed (standing room only at 30 minutes before it even began). It was good to see everyone from my old middle school. (we all went to the same middle school, people went to different but close high schools).
  4. You were told one of your friends was dying and you said you were busy?
  5. I dunno man, Even if i was completely wasted and high I would ahve probably paused and thought to myself a bit. Whatever though, you still went to the memorial service, and theres nothing you coould have done anyways.
  6. Disgrace.
  7. Sorry to hear about your friend. I've been lucky; I never have had a friend die.
  8. no you dont, i cant imagine losing my best friend, let alone when im drunk. i would start freaking out and shit, and mabye even go suicidal if i was that fucked up, even though i have no suicidal tendoncys
  9. I am really sorry to hear that dude. Unfortunatly alcohol makes people do a lot of things that they regret the next day. Don't feel bad dude I don't think that's what your friend would want you to do.
  10. still, it's not like she'd miss your grief right?
  11. was the car accident due to drugs or alcohol? My condolences go out to you and your friend
  12. If I was drunk and found out that one of my friends was dying I would probably lose it cause I just get more emotional about fucked up shit when Im trashed. I would probably come right then if I wasnt too drunk, or I would find a ride.
  13. ey man i feel your pain.. recently one of my close homies died in a car accident. this fool was a homie.. we smoked blunts like every other day and shit...

    RIP MATT i love you bro

    its trippy because i even have a video of me and my other friend smoking a blunt with him.... hes riding shotgun.. my other friend in driver.. im in the back seat.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deBN_UoLT1s"]YouTube - Blunt Session[/ame]

    every time i pour out the swill of my old english 800 its dedicated to him

  14. What song is on that youtube video? And sorry to hear about your friend, heart goes out to you

  15. sad man, but you got to realize. while you posted, hundreds of people, including children died. people are dying as we smoke, sleep, post, and eat.

    sad way to go (probably painful too) :(

    my condolences
  16. well, you obviously cared about her and you went to her memorial service and you feel bad that you were drunk when you heard the news.

    All of that shows that you cared about her.
    And that's the most anyone could hope for when they die. Just to know that somebody gives a damn.

    Don't beat yourself up over it man. I'm betting if it were you that it happened to and you could've somehow been aware that your friend was too drunk to understand what was told to him, you'd probably have chuckled a bit and not held it against him. Right?

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