I was doing some photography tonight

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by spudman78, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. look pretty good man :smoke:

    i like the first/last image the best, great first thing to see when i come to the thread
  2. DAMMM

    What kind of camera is that??

    You should be taking bud shots bro haha

  3. Canon rebel
  4. you tryin to tell us you got a case of the blue balls?
  5. The lighting in the second shot is pretty cool.

    Im shooting a rebel too! :wave:
  6. You need to work on correct exposure as well as white balance.

    As far as white balance goes, shoot in RAW, that way you can always adjust white balance on the computer. When I first started out, I always shot in JPG, but it's so much better shooting in RAW and editing using Camera Raw in Photoshop.
  7. honest opinion?...i think if you get off your mental ass and not be brainlazy, you would get some swesome frames man...*passes the joint*
  8. what else yah got?

  9. Seriously?
  10. These werent done with my rebel, but with a lunex or something I rented from school due to my rebel being used by a family member.
  11. try to really think about whats in the frame before you take the photo. most good photos have some comination of these elements

    good light
    contrast (light vs dark, forest meets river, etc)
    emotion (in what way does the photo effect the viewer)
    composition (think about where objects are in relation to the frame and other objects in the picture)

    not trying to be rude, just some down and dirty critque.

    the pool stick and fire hydrant are the only shot i thought were going in the right direction. the others just look like snapshots you made while trying to learn to use the camera.
  12. Oh im fine with educated critque. I just started doing photography so this was my first photoshoot. Thanks for the feedback=)
  13. lol@ the lightbulb in the last pic.
  14. Try to think about leading lines, s curves, and moving your subject off of "mug shot center frame"
  15. You're doing what a lot of people do when they get their first camera, taking shots of pretty much everything. Art is everywhere, but not everything is art. Also, remember that a shallow depth of field does not automatically make something an interesting shot.
  16. I think that picture of the ornate wood table had a good subject. That table is swweeet lookin! but you did nothing to accentuate it's strong points, ie. the grain, ornate cravings, you just took a "mug shot" of the table.
  17. The camera I was using was of real shitty quality for everyshot minus the shots of the ball and monster can. Ill go back to that spot and take my rebel and take some shots.

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