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I Was born on 4:20:P isn`t that crazy?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Born_4_20_1983, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. y0y0 waddup people i`m matt and holy fuck i`m stoned!ok anyways i`m 21 er somethin like that don`t know it was 4:20 and you know me i celebrate 4:20 everyday;)but yo i`m out gonna go buy some seeds!
  2. thats pretty sweet man!!! happy belated b-day!!
  3. its not really that krazy.....i bet u share that bday with millions of other people
  4. i was born at 4:10am :-/
  5. When yer born 420, shoudn't you be somewhat like Obelix. You're stoned for live, don't even have to toke up or shit? How'd that be?
  6. i liek how u think mr skinner...
    to bad that isnt so, but if it were to bad my b day aint on 420...
    but its all good cuz im stoned most of the time ne wasy:)

    Blaze on
  7. I was born 3;15pm.... too bad she couldn't hold me in for another 65mins.
  8. I was born at 4:20 pm or as my birth certificate ays 16:20. Truly, i always thought it was kind of cool. :)

  9. this coming from hatebreeder? irony is a funny thing.. lol, does that make sense?
  10. Hey man,Thats sweet...

    Guess what i have something similar,lol
    my phone number has 420 in it lol,sweet my friends just laugh.

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