i was born in grasscity lol

Discussion in 'General' started by Talon, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. well actually its translates to grass town. i was born in a place called Travnik, in bosnia. trava, means grass, and the nik means place lol.

    i just thought about this today whem my sister in law was telling me about how she visited my birthplace on her last vacation

    so who else can say they were born in grasscity?

  2. thats pretty cool.. the town i was born in was named after a dog...
  3. the most oddest name ever.. nevada. but the first a is long.. so its not pronounced like the state
  4. "where you from?"


    "oh shit. las vegas?"

    "no, nevada, iowa."

    "***** you high."
  5. lol if i had a dollar for every time i heard that i would be a rich man :)
  6. i have a friend that is croatian and was born in bosnia too!
  7. does (s)he smoke weed? lol most bosnians from age 22-30 dont smoke if they were raised in bosnia. anything older than that and they usually pop pain pills and snort powder. i used to hide my weed smoking from em, then one day i saw a bunch of my moms old neighbors coming out of a 1 person bathroom rubbing the bottom of their noses. after that day, i ALWAYS walk up to the bar smoking a blunt.
  8. i use to be good friends with a bosnian named eden(spelling?). he was a muslim and didnt smoke or drink. but he was the coolest cat ever. we would talk about soccer all the time, he even tried to get me to join his adult bosnian soccer team.. but i moved and havent talked to the guy since :(
  9. I was born in a place that translates into "White Hill", Bialystok in Polish.

    So basically a huge hill of coke.
  10. soccer is the bomb. i havent played soccer in like 10 years and i could start playing tommorow like ive been playing all my life.

    do you do coke? lol

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