i was bored.so i took sum pics.[kinda cool]

Discussion in 'General' started by fly society, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. i don't really know why i took these pics.i wasnt under the influence or anything

    i just was like "yo,i like taking pics of cool random shit"

    so yea.


    ill post more when i get a chance.

    -above the clouds.



    some more
  2. Don't rape me.
  3. The first one...I was like cool.
    The second one...I was like wtf.
  4. omg......no, F U
  5. Haha I like it...interesting.
  6. Why are you flicking us all off? lol
  7. i have this on my facebook, and i stand by it.

    "I believe that anyone who flicks off the camera should be entitled "Douchebag For Life".
  8. first ones real cool
  9. fo' real, who makes a thread and puts pictures of themselves flicking off the whole GC community?


  10. Do you like my picture?

  11. careful, weve entered the hard ass section
  12. hmm nice thread ??? lol
  13. i dont get why ur all makin a big deal of someone flippin the bird. i do that all the, time, fuck you. im a douchebag i guess....
  14. Since when did the term FLIPPING someone off turn into flicking someone off?
  15. ive wondered that twice within the last two days...maybe it depends where in america ur at?

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