I was basically just laid off.

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  1. I was let go from my company today as there was no need for my sector of work anymore. I've cried it out already. I'm not sure what to do. I smoked a bowl. I don't even know. It doesn't help that it's not the ideal time of the month for me, but dude ... What am I going to do?
  2. Join your local Occupy! If anything it'll give you something to pass the time and people to be around until you figure out what's going on and where you're going next. You'll get plenty of sympathy and support probably though (depending on where you live).
  3. prostitution? donate semen? Illegal selling of your organs? or find a new job.
  4. Keeep your chin up and try and find another job. Or apply for EI.. EI 4 life.

  5. As far as finding a new job goes, times are rough. I have tons of experience but ... Now I'm thinking I should just go back to school until this crisis is over?
  6. Collect unemployment, find a line of work that isn't so (not finding the correct term) useless?

    Like certain jobs, are the first to go when income decreases.

    Restaurants will fire/lay off servers first.
    Retail will fire salesman first

    I stay away from these jobs.

    I chose to chef for these reasons; chef is usually last to be laid off, I never see traffic, and now that my hand mastered my knife, I can get a job almost anywhere a chef is needed, food will NEVER go out of business, that and women's fashion.
  7. Really sorry to hear that, man! Sucks!

    The ONLY thing to do is to get a new job.

    Since you are at the crossroads, consider a career change or continue your education at this time.

    I have been right where you are several times and it hurts but you can dust yourself off and get back on your feet! You will be O.K. :)
  8. dude i know things looks bleak now believe me i've been there shit i'll still there.. but things will get better dude..of course u need to get another job but in this encomnomy ....don't be afraid to reinvent yourself i used to be a dir of operations for a major fin. tele company.. now i'm a musician it can be done.. just believe.. oh a good woman behind you helps a lot too.. good luck man u are not alone...
  9. hit the trails as hard as you can, if your persistent enough i know you can get work. maybe find a little oddjob here and there for some extra income. (no don't prostitute yourself obviously...)
  10. This may not be the best place to get the best input. Maybe hit the streets, go to businesses that are similar to your old job, network with other people in those lines of work. Main thing imo is not to sit back and give up...Good Luck!!!
  11. Going back to school is always an option! I was able to make going to a community college into a way of living. I was a lab assistant, note-taker for disabled students, and I tutored. Look for PELL or other grants- you don't pay back grants! Many campuses have job finding services for students.

    First off- tomorrow morning- Apply for food stamps. Find out where the food banks are! Less money spent on food can mean more bills get paid! Apply for unemployment insurance.

    Next - There are often temp jobs available during the Xmas madness. Check the temp agencies ASAP! They are usually shitty jobs, but better than nothing.

    May I suggest that you hit the bowl again, call a gal friend, get out your favorite dancin' dress, put on some make-up and go out and have a little (inexpensive) fun tonight?

    There is dang little you can do tonight to fix things and moping around home won't help. You may have to cut back on your budget, so one last little bit of fun isn't a bad thing!

    Tomorrow, you can start getting things in order!

  12. ^ spoken like someone whos fucking been there..
  13. Yup, get your resume together, get references in order, join Linked-In, network with former employers, and make yourself employable.

    It ain't the end of the world, even though it feels like it. My Mom is going through the same thing, and she's been working straight through with no time off since I was a baby. She's never been laid off or fired before and she's not handling it well. And get this, her job was for Jewish Vocational Services, helping other people get jobs.

    I'm thankful I have a decent temp agency that would be getting me assignments if I could work longer hours right now.
  14. The healthcare field is one of the, may downsize but never close, categories. Find out what is in high demand at the big hospitals. Find a good reputable school and get that certificate, diploma, degree etc...
  15. Maybe I'll just go back to school. My field is journalism/press/media, and I have so much experience, but lately it's getting crazy. News is slow, economy is terrible, and I don't know. Maybe I can just go back to class and work on my book or something. About the economy falling apart or I dunno.

  16. im in school right now. school is cool.
  17. open a "store"

  18. This woman is a genius, and I feel the need to say that every post enlightens me
  19. Welcome to America!

  20. I like the join Occupy idea. ++

    and smoking weed cant be the best idea right now, get a job then smoke.

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