I was abducted by a ufo this is my story

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  1. hello.

    listen to me, i am not trying to deceive you. i didnt bother anyone with this, because i have no proof, but it must be real...it must be. Believe me

    Last night was thanksgiving and i spent it at my aunts house, i drank some white whine and got drunk but not that drunk. for some reason i took the pumpkin pie my aunt gave me to the ocean and through it all in. Then this is where it gets wierd. For some reason i couldnt remember what happened after i through the pie in the ocean..then today i saw something outside and it made me remember something all at once, i was helping my mom with something and i just froze and almost was brought to tears as these memories, the most vivid memories flooded my head. i was not high, i did not smoke that night either.

    there was a sphere, a sphere with dots of light all of it. then a child was playing with it, hitting the lights and making them go away with his touch, i realized then it was some sort of strategic game. and a voice in my head said, "This is how your kind will prepare future generations for space combat. Once zero point energy was introduced most modern aerial tactics were useless."

    I noticed they spoke as if they knew it already, almost as if it was planned. I felt like i was watching this through a visor of light. who they were though, i have no idea. the next thing i remember is waking up again and again during the night. it wasnt a dream, it was so real, it had to be real.
  2. Man that shit sounds crazy. I dont know about being abducted but maybe you were contacted by superior beings? Shits crazy man... We believe.. :smoke:
  3. I was half expecting a Bel-Air
  4. So at what point were you abducted?

    Your telling me you saw human children? You realize its statistically impossible for another race to develop humanoid, intelligent life right?

    You were drunk, but not that drunk?
  5. i'm not gonna call you out, sounds like something traumatic happened to you for sure. whether it be some sort of "extraterrestrial" or not, shit sounds crazy.
  6. i'm sorry what? that made no sense at all. what are you trying to say
  7. You need heavy meds bro
  8. i was only drunk, ive never hallucinated off of alcohol..i dont know what i can say. i am not crazy i do not take meds, i have never "heard voices" or any of that jazz,. ive been smoking and i dont feel as shook up, i just dont know what to tell you
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    The Drake equation itself usually equates the number of planets with intelligent life, capable of space travel to somewhere between 10 and 100 planets out around 400 Billion solar systems.

    The likely hood that another species of intelligent life evolved into humanoid form is statistically impossible, it was mere chance that on this life the most intelligent life evolved from apes, and so on and so forth. Even from the foundations of evolution, the most minute change in direction at the begining would send the entire direction of evolution radically. Think about it, every species's evolution has been effected by others and by the enviroment. Hell I would even say fish evolving from molecular life is impossible, and if that early link in the chain is broken how than can all the other links that lead to humans be develop?

    Remember it is regarded by science that it was entirely chance that led to the species in existance today.

    So thus, any report of aliens being humanoid, or being bipeds, with two arms two eyes etc (evolved from apes), little green men are completely false.

    It is statistically impossible.
  10. I believe you man, and I'm not joking whatsoever

    that sounds sarcastic but trust me, I'm a believer

    edit: to the post above me, all I have to say is that there is a possibility we are no more than a genetic experiment done by the Annunaki during the time before or during the Sumerian civilization was flourishing
  11. well thats an interesting message they sent ya
  12. Oh please, your telling me that ancient aliens are real?

    Why then, did they not teach us how to make paper? Or concrete? Why didn't they teach us how to make iron during the bronze age? Or Bronze during the stone age?

    Why did it take so long to make sky scrapers?

    And the Pyramids, why are there half finished and crooked?? The Aliens fucked up?

    Such ridiculous theories dont stand up to scrutiny.
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    You have the same point of view as I do.
  14. Funny how thats the leading theory since thats how aliens are usually described.

    I disagree though. With the uncountable amount of stars out there, I have to think that not only is it possible, but its impossible for it not to happen


    Explain this
  15. i'm quite interested in this category of study. and i disagree with that statement. i think its impossible for us to say what's impossible.

    as for theories, hows parallel universe theory for ya. if we're talking theories, that one would provide us with a plausible explanation for the 2 armed two eyed green man.

    theories theories. who knows for sure.

  16. I definately agree with you about there being life out there. But as far as "aliens" that walk on two feet and have two hands like us is pretty unrealistic. Unless of course they also evolved from apes on a planet far, far away.
  17. Religion is nothing to a man like I, I don't pretend even in the vast knowledge we have accumulated, we can even come to the conclusion that it is the question of whether or not there is a god, for that predetermines that we are even at the right question.

    You cannot teach a beetle Al Gebra, nor a human the marvalousness of the universe.

    At least not yet.
  18. I dont speculate on what they look like tbh. The possibilities are far to vast to consider.
  19. agree.
  20. This thread makes me want to go do more research into ancient Sumerian culture, thats where there are answers to be found!

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