I was a skater for 2day (Peer Pressure)

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  1. So i have been chilling with some potheads that skateboard for about a year, they go to my school. And we were talking about how skateboarding is cool, and it gets you popular. So they convinced me to be a skateboarded, because i wanted to be "popular"...i bought myself some vans and some skateboarding clothe, and some "snap-backs" cause they told me real skateboarders dress like that.
    So yesterday me and my skateboarder friends were smoking 2 grams of Dank and they were talking about about all i need is a skateboard and practice.

    So today i woke up and thought that i don't really wanna be a skateboarder cause its just not me,it;s not my style. and all i was doing was trying to fit in and being a big fake. So i'm not going to hang out with those people again, cause they were trying to turn me into something that i was not.

    have you ever been peer pressured to do be something that you are not?
  2. ... Wtf. Not trying to hate but dude...
  3. Looooool, no fucking way your 18

  4. you bastard
  5. What are you 15 bro?
  6. You sound lost man, why would you even consider buying that shit if it wasn't for you?

    no worries though, just be yourself regardless of whatever the FUCK people have to say.
  7. probly not exactly peer pressure more like you just don't know what you are.

    if you're hanging with kids who skate.. there gonna skate.. see you not skating.. they're gonna be like yo man come and skate..

    ya know?

    it's not like it's bad for you lol
  8. real skateboarders dress the way they want
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    Um, at 15 I didn't act that way.
  10. lmfao... skating boarding dosent make you popular
  11. thank you, its all about liquor and drugs.
  12. i skate and lemme tell you, what you're trying to say... isn't really meaning anything at all.

    you might just be being self conscious about the whole matter.
  13. You are either A) 14 or B) Hangout with 14 year olds; which one?
  14. I say you just try skateboarding out, it's pretty fun
  15. yeah dude, I mean, do you want to learn how to skateboard? cause if you do, they might be able to help.

    if not, do what you wnat cause a pirate is free
  16. Ur friends sound like faggots.. I skate and never once have I heard I skater talk so gay... They can't tell u how to dress n shit cuz all skaters dress differently, trust me.

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