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  1. I want to find someone who is a loyal friend or significant other. Who reciprocates the love and things I share and I can connect with deeply and have intelligent and insightful conversations about the world and beyond and spiritual enlightenment. Without being looked at like a weird loser and getting harassed.

    Someone who accepts me for my beliefs and my goofy antics without forcing things on me and just lets me live freely as I am with no judgement. Someone who values me and wants me in their life as much as I do them. Someone i can just kick back with and smoke as much as we want whenever i want. who doesnt make me feel like shit constantly, but instead brings me up and helps raise my self esteem and confidence. someone who looks up to me as much as i look up to them. i just want a true friend. But hell, maybe I'm asking for too much. I don't want to settle for what I have.

    What do you want?
  2. I just want someone who is mature. That doesn't bullshit and play games.
  3. I want Jennifer Anniston to support me for the rest of my life.
  4. It's so hard to find real friends these days.
  5. I want a pretty face and some good weed. That's all I ask for. 
    and when I say pretty face, i'm not talking about me. -.-
  6. I want some new friends :)
  7. Text me back then jerk ;(
  8. Sorry I wasn't ignoring you, I actually didn't see that text until you told me to reply. Lydia had my phone ): *hugs*
  10. I added you to my friends list. You may do the same for me if you wish. Don't worry, our friendship will not go beyond this GC forum. I respect you :)
    I'll be your gay best friend. :p
  12. I don't ask for too much, just for a girl that's better than my ex. The only thing my ex had going for her were looks, and man did I fall for that. I was always told how lucky I was because of how pretty she was, but what people don't understand is that looks aren't even half the game, especially when she didn't have make-up on. She became so stuck-up about it too, and loved rubbing the attention she was getting from other guys all over me. I fell for her, hard. For three and a half years, until she broke up with me a couple of days ago. The person she was killed me inside, now I'm trying to get back on my feet. 
  13. Will do. :p I like friends off the forum too, but we can be GC friends (;
  14. I LOVE gay people!
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    I want friends too! Hi everyone. I also
    Iwant a significant other. I'm ready for it to be my turn.
  16. Pie. I want pie..
  17. This. ^^^ To a T.
    We love you too.  
  19. Sweet :D made my day!
  20. Aren't you always talking about how wonderful of a bf you have?

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