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I want your advice for indoor cultivation

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Foundas, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. Hey guys, new to this forum and I would like your opinion and ideas about my thought.

    I'm thinking of using a carton box for growing a white widow plant. Its dimensions are 60cm (height) X 40cm (width) X 40cm (depth). I'll use 2 flurocent lamps, dress the whole box with aluminium foil and install 4 fans ( 2 for pumping fresh air in the box and the other 2 for sucking the air out.)

    I have read that White Widow is a small bushy plant and I'd like your opinion and suggestions on this.


  2. thanx critter for the quick reply. from your experience, is this a safe way to grow a plant? safe as in lightning, air circulation and perhaps catcha fire? as for the plant, is this box spacy enougn?



    I was tripping down in Mexico with three friends of mine. Mari, Juan 'n' Anna
  3. critter, how can we have a long chat :) about hydro systems??

  4. Critter, just one question.

    take a look at this site,

    and tell me if the roots of this plant are always submerced in the water. Is it normal for the roots of a cannabis plant to be always in water? or for any roots??


  5. I've read on different sites that white widow height varies from 70cm to 1.10cm. (indoor) but the best part is the 18.9%THC

    but of course, i won't argue about that since it's my first attempt to grow a plant.

    thanx for the advice. What do you think of the box and the lamps? any chance to work out? is it roomy enough??

  6. thank you so much about the reply. by the way, i'm going to amsterdam during xmas holidays. so, your sugestion is go for NL Pure Indica. you said: hoose to flower the plant at around 12-18" <---- 12-18 inches? day? what do you mean?

    as for the lightning..i'm thinking of flurocent tubes.

    just thought about the yield. you wouldn't believe how much we pay here for a gram of shit grass. 10 english pounds filled with seeds

    so i guess even with 100gr. of yield, that would be just PERFECT.


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