I want to write a book

Discussion in 'General' started by DevouringLady, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Anyone know of any good resources to assist me?
  2. Read


    Also, having a strong knowledge of english helps. Also you could try attending a few short story courses
  3. You know...I really need to get a good book....my book self is full of urban fiction
  4. Read some of the classics. Don Quixote, picture of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein etc. The read some more modernist literature. Virginia Wolfe, Ezra pound (for poetry) and James joyce.

    That's a good way to start

    Also Hemingway and Cormac McCarthy for good modern American literature

  5. Do all good books have to be so structured?
  6. Read the Dictionary.

  7. I'm not quite sure what you mean by structured, but Ulysses by James Joyce is said to be one of the greatest books ever written and it is one of the most structured things I've ever read. Some parts of it have more footnotes than actual writing.
  8. I want to write a book someday. But I feel like I have a lot more reading to do first. I'm not exactly sure what kind of writing I want to do. But near the end of my life I really want to write a auto-biography. My life's been pretty interesting so far, and I'm sure it will only get more interesting.

    I'm more into non-fiction, but I do such a great job with writing fiction. I've wrote a decent amount of short stories that myself wouldn't of picked up and read, but I've had other people love.

    It's not bad to write down the basic plot you have. Don't worry about it being a book yet, just get your ideas down on paper. They call it a ruff draft for a reason.

    Best of luck.

    "You know, the only thing that matters is the ending. It's the most important part of the story, the ending. And this one... is very good. This one's perfect. " - Secret Window

  9. Yeah I don't know exactly what I want to write about specifically...but I feel I have something to say that most people wouldnt mind hearing...fiction or non fiction. I've started alot of plots but can't seem to make it interesting enough.

    Thanks though
  10. Scary bubble had it. Just read as much as you can.

    John Fante, Charles Bukowski, James Clavell, Louis Celine <---- Authors you should check out if you want to start writing.

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