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  1. Sup, newbie from Iowa. College student who hasn't smoked in 2 years.  I had anxiety problems because of the legality of the herb in my state.  I had a few friends get busted with minor amounts and lose their school funding.  The whole situation gave me ridiculous anxiety whenever I smoked.  I felt like BAM I'd be kicked out of school or lose my job just because I wanted to relax.  I haven't been able to smoke since. I want to visit CO. on a tourist type deal with a buddy.  Any advice?

  2. Recreational is killer in Colorado no worries visit Colorado Springs and smoke up and garden of the gods . If need anything there peeps are friendly lots do . The place rocks and they have the shops fuck Denver . Takes hour just to go see the mountains in the springs your right in the mountains for hiking mountain biking hunting anything you want to do . The wed is the bomb to affordable to maybe 20 25 1/8 from a medical shop . If you ned anything while your there speak up i have family there bro

    StinkEEgrEEns (Aka) Whitey Kaine
  3. Co. Spring is way south, I'm up north, boulder area. Can walk to the mountains here. lol 
    Lots of shops in boulder. and close to denver if you like that anxiety. Piss on big cities, too many ppl to fuk up a good vibe. 

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