i want to try acid badly

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  1. it kinda sux because i pretty much got no conection in my area (RI) for acid. well at least that i know of and i really dont know how to go about finding a conect for that lol ive tried shrooms once and i loved them so im probably gonna attempt growing them but dammit i want to try acid
  2. college is a great place to start looking for hookups. my second day of school i met my new coke dealer :). I guess its exactly opposite of what i should be doing but 3.4gpa isn't so bad when i smoke 3-4 times a day and i do coke, x, and any pill i can get my hands on on the regular lol.
  3. QFT. Love the life.
  4. u live in r.i i just moved from south kingstown.what part you stay at?
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    here. pm me dude if ya know anyhing
  6. Join the club.
  7. your absolutely right, its been tough to find in RI... (fellow rhode islander). i finally got really lucky and found some through a friend in massachusetts (id PM yea, but i bought him out) so im about to have my first trip this saturday. hopefully ri gets some cid soon
  8. A friend of mine (who, might I add, used to be "straight edge" and now sells ecstasy) is supposed to get 100 hits, but hasn't gotten ahold of her guy yet. Hopefully he comes through.
  9. its like acid dosent exist in someplaces. just like exctacy i remember when you couldnt find that stuff a long timeago and nowits like its on demand. i want some cid so bad also .:confused:
  10. I posted, once (not here) a blanket offer.

    I would pay $25 a hit, and at least $50 total. Probably $100.

    Noone has taken the offer in over 3 years. I have tried SO HARD, it's creepy. I'm beginning to wonder if Acid even exists. Or if it's like the ultimate prank on people who enjoy trippin'
  11. which college are you at?
  12. Nope, it's real. Production was halted pretty hard in the early 2000's, the DEA did their job pretty damn well. Look up Pickard and Apperson. :( Now all these kids at shows can't handle real cid anymore, they just wanna roll. Obviously they need to be introduced to candy flipping :p

    Sadly no one has filled their shoes. Mainly because nobody will do it like they did it. They were real, not any of this plastic online shit. They were there at the beginning, knew Owsley and didn't fuck around. They did it for the love and are now in prison until they die. I have high hopes for this spring/summer. Dead and Phish coming back!? Bitch please. :smoke:

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