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  1. so I'm trying to trudge through the cacophony of ideas, derived philosophies, and schizophrenic paranoid fantasies within my head so that i can get some sort of book down on paper. I'm trying to tie all these different worlds that my sketches inhabit all together. Unfortunately, I'm a rather clumsy writer and will probably have to get a partner for this project. I'm not sure if the idea is compelling enough or if its too much like something else or if I'm just trying to be too clever for my own good. So let me know and if you really write well, organized, detailed but concise, and can be on my wavelength, I'd like to hear from you. Otherwise I'll be looking for real writers through business contacts.

    The Goal:
    to create a fantasy world that questions reality and how magic could be a result of knowing how to use the many psychedelic substances on Earth. Its always been my thought that we have so much potential, but we are missing on key element, this is my theory of what it is. as for reality, it will be unclear if the hero is sleeping, in a mental hospital, deranged and walking around or if what he sees is the truth. maybe its all happening somewhere, somehow.

    The Plot:
    the main character has been given information that allows him to incorporate his hallucinations into real life along with prophesy on the necessity of his death. Through spiritual growth and rebirth, he is to unite an entire people and topple the regime that would restrict the knowledge promised by God to save us all.

    The Narration:
    it story will be told through three different voices: the main character's, that of a narrator operating in a world comparable to our own, and that of the voices inside the main character's head. The third will only be written down in a light grey text in between the lines so that you will only get that information subliminally.

    The Setting:
    it starts out on an infinite plane of grey which we find out later is actually the main character's padded room at a mental hospital (or is he just dreaming about one). The time of 'normal reality' in the story is the present but the main character's mind is ageless. Outside the hospital will be an ever mutating organic pulsing urban landscape, where the mind and the world mesh.

    The Main Characters:
    -the so far unnamed hero, who suffers of a loss in his outward humanity but has gained the knowledge of the gods through his madness. He has eaten way too much drugs and is in a perpetual trip.
    -Alethne (truth through fire) his disciple, she is basically the key to the hero's survival.
    -and my deus ex machina who supplies the necessary information to the hero
    -I'm not sure if i should have an intangible evil or and embodied one for the antagonist. it depends if i want to focus on the philosophical aspect or more of the story.

    heres a quick sketch of the main character he is describing how mushrooms really work as the mystic fuel called mana. I'll update with other sketches i suppose. we'll see if i can keep it all straight in ol' duders head. lots of ins and outs and what have you...

    the conversation goes:

    protagonist- You see, our planet has this stuff called manna, it was described in biblical terms as the food of the Israelites but it has been conjectured that this was actually the catalyst for a spiritual exodus rather the one that is said that they covered on land. This is the truth, as I've found out. It is still used today but we mistake it as a substance to only make us see stuff and act stupid. My knowledge of how this chemical works in our bodies has allowed me to manipulate it within my own brain so that it opens the reality i see up for everyone around me. Let me show you.

    Alethne- Why is this stuff here, it sounds dangerous.

    protagonist- It is, if used wrong but it is here to save us when we can no longer act alone to be free and useful. Here take some.

    Alethne- Can you do things to other people, I mean telekinesis or some shit?

    protagonist- I can do almost whatever I choose to do. How do you think we got to be on a decommissioned subway train orbiting around the Earth with no oxygen to breathe? It is my will alone that holds us in this fragile existence.

    Althne- So thats also how you can still get it up even after the cheese grater incident?

    protagonist- Exactly.
  2. sounds like a very interesting idea man, keep it going, and make sure to post any updates.

    only suggestion i have so far, keep the protagonists odd look, but make him a bit more attractive to the eye. he looks far too old to me.
  3. yeah the cheeks are a bit saggy. This could be a better model to base him off of. Im thinking there will be variable distortion on his face, but never much more fucked up than this.

    Aden maybe...?
  4. ...Does he have a vagina on his forehead?
  5. *sigh* no. i just decided to change it in my drawing. he was supposed to have stitched up a third eye in the hospital that emerged during one of his 'episodes'. its less elongated now.

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