i want to take shrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by comf0rtablynumb, May 14, 2004.

  1. just wondering what the experience is like...everyone who i've talked to just said "you think a lot"

    anyway where should i take shrooms (somewhere so i wont freak out) and how much should i take...also how should i take them (with other foods or just straight out the bag)

    my friend gets 35$ 8ths and everyones whose tried them said they were pretty intense so i gotta try them too...

  2. I wrote this in another shroom thread, I dont wanna write it again so ill copy+paste:

    Mushrooms are the best man, I love doin them.

    As for the high, different people react differently to drugs, but if I was to decribe em it would be somethin like this:

    First of all, you dont really "see shit" It's more like everything around is altered, a little different, differences in colour, you might see walls "breathing", sort of vibrating, or a brick wall moving around, but you won't see something thats not really there(Ive done shrooms over 10 times, 8 grams one time, and I've seen something that was not there. You might though, everyone is different.

    It is not like being drunk at all, and I dont know what you guys are talking about, I can more around all I want on shrooms. I can walk, run just as fine as I can when I'm sober.

    Your thought process is totally different. For me, it is very accelerated. Like your mind thinks 100x faster, a whole bunch of different thoughts running through your head. When I'm on shrooms I analyze things in a different way, kind of see things from a different point of view. Sometimes I come up with crazy ideas and theories that make perfect sense. I usually forget them though...but you can have some really deep conversations on shrooms. Ideas flow freely, its hard to explain.

    Haha, I remember one time my buddy ate a half ounce of these good shrooms, he was tripping hardcore. I was with him, being his "sitter", anyways, he was telling me how he was in like 20 different worlds at the same time. Like he was there with me, but at the same time he could see himself playing sports, he was at work, etc... He also said he relived his entire life in like 10 minutes, "life flashed before my eyes kind of thing" Remember, this is only from a really high dose though, it was pretty funny though.

    Also, everything is fun when you're on shrooms. Just going on a walk can be an experience. In my mind, there is nothing better than a shroom trip with a couple of good friends.

    They don't taste that bad, when I eat em I just pop em in my mouth and chew them until the juices start flowing then I chew them some more then I swallow them with a drink of water. I don't mind the taste, although some people I know can't stand it.

    To OD, you would pretty much have to eat your body weight in mushrooms. They are one of the safest drugs out there. ODing is not an issue.

    I don't find shrooms to be addictive at all. I love em, but after a shroom trip you dont really feel the need to do more right away. They're also hard to find around here, and how are you gonna get addicted if you can't even grab em? haha.

    As for your first time, I would do it somewhere where you dont have to about gettin caught, ie. friends house whose parents are gone, outside somewhere, anywhere you feel comfortable i guess.

    First time I would do half of that 1/8th.
  3. one more question...
    do they show up on any drug test?
  4. it depends on what kind of test you are going to take. if your just taking a standard pee test, normally for if you got caught with weed or something, they will not test for them. however, if your taking a more expensive test, or your parents ask them specifically to test for them, it can be detected.
  5. What would I do to make myself as sure as possible I wont have a bad trip?
  6. ok now i see why people get mad at repetetive posts. sorry if i have done it. eveyrone has. but its mad annoying seein 50 mushroom posts a day. specially about basic efects of it.

  7. Just dont think about having a bad trip. Think about how awesome its gonna be, how much fun you will have and be in a environment you feel comfortable in.

    I have never had a bad trip from mushrooms and I've done them enough times.

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