I want to take my girl out tomorrow. any suggestions

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by angrybeavers, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Me and her have been going out for a few weeks. I want to take her somewhere but i have no good idea's because I am a guy haha. I got my first paycheck from my new job today, so im gonna hopefully surprise her with something fun or entertaining tommorow. any blades wanna help me out on this one?

    Ps. Stay frosty. :smoke:
  2. What kinda girl is she? cant go wrong with an adventure,
    second date me an my lady went an cut the locks off the top of a pumphouse bu the shore, went up with some lawn chairs an smoked a couple joints while we watched people walking on the ice :) then went to a movie right baked:)

    Mind im from a town of 20,000 hahah!
  3. get high and buy her taco bell.

    she will LOVE it.

    but seriously take her to just a resturant she likes.
  4. lmfao shes wicked cool, just hella laid back and at ease. thats why i like her. shes on my level of coolness. i just want to show her a good time shes down to get fucked up too, i think i might buy a few rolls for us and just trip.
  5. Word, make her dinner, then smoke sum dank, pop a couple of beans, chill outside, trip out and loose yourself in the stars
  6. Take her for some ice cream.
  7. Make sure to get her consent first.;)
  8. Rolls are shitty. Get some molly shards, go to a concert, and then fuck.
  9. I agree, go to a show or something.
  10. strip clubs are always nice, especially if they have a free buffet!
  11. regular visitors eat out free ;)

  12. you couldn't pay me to touch a stripper with my tongue lol.
  13. Get high and watch the sunset after some dank bbq and then kick it with a movie after the sunset
  14. go to like applebees or dennys or sum shit. cant go wrong with those
  15. I'm thinking Arby's.
  16. Well it depends, if you really like her i dont suggest using drugs to have a good time right off the bat. Show her your real self and all the rest will follow then u can start experminting with drugs and shit. just have a good time. Clean your self up take her somewhere nice, maybe catch a movie or go bowling and come back to your place for some booty. Im sure she'd enjoy that quite alot.
  17. ^ this for sure
  18. cook for her, make it a nice stay home, home cooked meal with a nice bottle of wine.

    much cheaper and much nicer.
  19. ehh weve been dating for a month now. i took her out to the localsandwitch shop. then we went back to my crib and watched step brothers. we made it half way through the movie and had sex. mission acomplished
  20. Way to go man! gettin it innn

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