I want to start growing, but I know little, so I have a ton of basic questions...

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  1. Hey,

    First of all, I'm not growing to sell. I'm growing so that me and a few friends (6-7) can get stoned every Friday and Saturday night and have a good time without spending the whole day trying to find weed. This will be more convenient and less expensive. Ya know? =)

    1) How many plants will I need? We usually only burn an 1/8 every weekend. Good stuff is expensive around here. I'm guessing 1 or 2. I know this depends on what strain I choose, and what yield it has.

    So, I'd like some recomendations on what seeds you guys think I should grow. I'm just starting out.

    These basic questions I've found around the internet, so you guys can better understand my needs:

    Q: Are you growing indoors or outdoors?
    A: Indoors. Outdoor site preparation seems like too much work for my living situation right now.

    Q: What climate zone do you live in?
    A: Northeast.

    Q: Sativa or indica?
    A: Indica. If I need 2 plants, I'd like one of each.

    Q: Soil or hydro?
    A: Soil.

    Q: Do you prefer an up high or a couch stone?
    A: Couch. Gotta be chilled out and relaxed.

    Q: Are your priorities yield and finishing time or quality and aroma?
    A: Stealth (damn parents) > Quality > Yield > Finishing Time > Taste. If I had to choose the smelliest, but best smoke, or a pretty bad smoke, but least smell, I would be forced to choose the one with the least smell, sadly enough. Damn parents.

    Q: What is your price range? How much are you willing to pay for seeds or clones?
    A: I thought they were all pretty cheap. I have no idea...

    Q: How long do you want to wait to harvest? Some are 6 week cash-croppers, some will take up to 14 weeks to flower. Many strains take 7-8 weeks.
    A: No plant (heh, almost) is worth 14 weeks to me. 6 sounds like dirt bud. 7-8, maybe 10 sounds reasonable.

    As for the actual growing part, it would be great if you guys can point me in the direction of a F.A.Q. or something that will show someone how to grow a couple plants in a closet with a budget light or two.

    What lights should I get? By now, you should have a feeling of my requirements. Budget is a top concern.

    If I think of anything else, I'll post.

    Thanks alot!
  2. Ok, as for strain, There is a wide selection, its its ure first time get northern lights from a seed bank ( 40-200$) depending on quality and company, its indica, crystaly, and all around hard to fuck up on. next you will either a closet or a stealth cabinet ( plans are available) to make sure ure parents dont find out. next, ife ure going small area, try a cabinet with fluorescent, ive never tried, and the yield and quality wont be as good i believe... if u wanna go bigger, for 2-3 plants a 250 watt hps (50-135 %) depending on brand, new used, where etc.... and a fertilizer, I dont know if store bought fertilizers i use ( miracle grow, assorted for diff times) or hydroponic stuff or GenX will improve it that much in soil....
    dont be afraid to look into them, dont get too excited with the watering, every 3-4 days depending on conditions is fine, and mist them once or twice a day. I do it almost on the half hour when im here, but im very obsvesive about the neighbours stash.
  3. You'll find a lot of methods, suggestions, etc. on the net. My advice would be to keep it simple at first. Don't worry too much about cloning, FIM, or any of that until you have been through some "growingtime" and have a feel for the basics. Run through the posts on here in your spare time.. a lot of questions will be answered before even asking them.

    That's my quickie advice.

  4. You'll find a lot of methods, suggestions, etc. on the net. My advice would be to keep it simple at first. Don't worry too much about cloning, FIM, or any of that until you have been through some "growingtime" and have a feel for the basics. Run through the posts on here in your spare time.. a lot of questions will be answered before even asking them.

    Ditto....good advice....read up on a lot of past posts, or type the gereral part of you're question in the search engine and look at all the answers....also, i've sent you a grow guide...to you're pm box, happy reading.....Peace out....Sid
  5. Cool. Thanks guys.
  6. Check out Nirvana's Mango on www.seedsdirect.to ! usd 15 for a pack of 100% Indica plant with frosty purplish bud 'oles....8 weeks....

    you can try fim and keep them really short and instead of growing vertically, make them grow outwardly as in radius...
  7. dont forget that growning isnt and instant thing... since these flowers are out of their enviroment, you have to baby them, and they take like 4 months for the total product from beginning to smoke.
  8. Nice. Still looking for what I'm going to end up growing. What I really need are lighting suggestions. I'm only going to have 1-2 medium grade plants, and I need the cheapest decent lighting solution avalible. Any ideas? Other input is always welcome. Keep the good info coming.
  9. 1-2 plants try a 250 watt HPS

    or try 150 watts of fluoros, either 3 sets of shop lights with 2-4' fluoro in each set or buy 5 single undercounter type fluoros.

    But lights are the most important aspect of growing, you really do reap what you sow when buying lights. You go cheap-you wind up with cheap product.
  10. Ok, I really dont know much about Growing but my question is, is there a certian place to get seeds that will grow or can you use the beeners that you sometimes get in a dime.
  11. yes you can use the deeds from you're grass however some people like to buy from seedbanks....such as www.seedsdirect.com where they can purchase a higher quality or fermanized seeds......Peace out...Sid
  12. so when i start to grow, do i just go buy the soil and drop the seeds into the pot? i mean i got lights but is it that easy? ill be able to water and stuff also. Also when your talking about HPS i think it is, about lights and stuff what does that mean

  13. with lighting you have to have a special type of light, that gives off a type of light ray that actually feeds the plant. Normal house lights dont produce this type of ray, and so thats why you have to buy special lights, which arent cheap and use up noticable power...
  14. MH=Metal Halide....used mainly for the vegatative stage
    HPS=High Pressure Sodium....used for flowering however can be used for the entire grow....as can the MH.....however where possible use MH for veg and HPS for flowering......mh has a blue spectrum.....hps has a red spectrum....hence why it appears to be a yellow light.....hope that made sense...lol....Peace out...Sid
  15. Today, i just planted 6 seedlings in the paper towel for sprouts, becuase my parents would probly get mad if they found them i really only need 2 to 3 plants. Ive read that people sometimes use a 4 foot MH lamp to beGin with, but that seems a little exsesive to me. Im thinking like a 1 or 2 foot long bulb to start with. My givin space for growing is not that large so any help you guys can give me is appreciated (SP) =p
  16. ok...if it's 4 foot long it won't be a mh it will be a fluro....i've never grown with fluros before however i imagine that you'd be better with approx 4 or 5....2 foot fluros and a small operation like a wardrobe or big box...(box is more dangerous...heat electrical eqip etc) and grow then to approx 10-12"...possibly even top them or train them to you're required space....good ventilation will be esential to you're operation in such a small grow space...also keep a close eye one the temperture....70-80 degrees farenheit is a good target to aim at....Peace out..Sid
  17. Hey guys,
    This is my first grow and i'm using a 400w hps which seems to do the trick just fine. I've got eight going right now but the thing is i have no clue what strain they are...so for next time i'm thinking of buying some seeds. Any recommendations I have limited ground space but quite a bit of vertical space. I've been reading about northern lights ...would you recommend it? thanks
  18. you realize you just dug up a 5 year old thread, right?

    search the forums it's all here.

    yes northern lights is a good strain, hearty grower, good high. A

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