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Discussion in 'General' started by gotpwned2k8, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Well long story short, the beginning of my summer (June 25th) me and my friends were caught smoking by the popo. The cops took us home and my mom was dissapointed, because this isn't the first time I've been caught by the popo doing something illegal (been arrested for breaking and entering with intent). Well it's now August, and I have been so bored because I haven't really done anything with my summer except for football. I really want to start smoking again, but my mom is just nosey. If I go out with any money, she wants to know exactly how much money I went out with and how much I spent. I'm also really paranoid that I will get in trouble again with the police. What should I do? Should I wait and talk to my parents and tell them I'm going to start doing it every once and awhile? They told me there is a difference between smoking weed and getting brought home in a police car, so I'm sure they wouldn't really mind if I came forward to them.
  2. I'm sure if you're honest and mature in the way that you bring it up they would understand.
  3. maybe if u smoked at home where your parents know your safe and where u wont get arrested, since they said theres a difference... see how that flies
  4. Hmm, that would probably work but I don't know what I would say.
  5. Askthem straight up how they feel about it... Dont say anything about you doing it at first. Just ask their views..... then take it from there.....

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