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    I'm thinking only one or two plants. I already have a few different seeds picked out on Attitude. I'm only going to get one of them and I was looking for any advice on which one and the kinds of equipment I would need for an indoor grow. It'll probably just be in my room because I don't have much space elsewhere.

    So here are the seeds I'm thinking of:




    Both are feminized, auto-flowering, short-medium height, indoor/outdoor, and 0-8 week flowering. I'm assuming auto-flowering plants are easier to take care of, right? I'm so new to this it's kind of sad. Been smoking for 4 years now and I don't know anything about growing. :laughing:
  2. Auto's just finish on their own. They are no different than taking care of a regular plant. Personally, I'd suggest just buying regular seeds.

    The best place to learn the basics is google and the stickies. Read them all. You're going to have to start enjoying reading if you don't now.
  3. Should I just look through all of them or would you recommend any certain ones? I enjoy reading so whatever works. It'll be a while before I actually start this up so I've got plenty of time to read up. haha
  4. You'r growing indoors, my misstake :)
    Happy grow!

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