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I want to smoke weed for 30 days straight

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by SkipBreezy, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Earlier this year, I had tried weed for the first time and I liked it. I tried it mainly for experimenting and because I was stressed out all the time. I haven't done it since March or April. Now I want to start back and also want to start a mini-garden in my closet. So I decided to smoke weed for 30 days straight and see how I am. When I start it, I'll keep y'all posted.:)
  2. Do you mean smoke all day every day for 30 days straight or just smoke at least once a day for a month straight?
  3. I've been smoking every day for the last 3 years haha have fun man
  4. Sorry bro, it has already been done. its called super high me...
  5. Just smoke when and however much you want. If you don't feel like blazing, don't. If you do, then smoke.
  6. Love that doc, and I like the inside look at Cali dispensaries since I have never had the chance to grace upon one before.

    And have fun with the 30 days of blazin, OP. Don't feel like you have to smoke everyday though, just do it when you want ya know. Stay up :cool:
  7. Like once or twice everyday. You seen the doctumentary about the comedian(forgot his name) who smoked weed for 30 straight days? I want to do something similar but since I'm a senior in high school, I have to do mines a little different.
  8. I think it might be called.....Super Fly Bee??? IDK guys above me help me out.
  9. I love that movie and that's why I want to do something similar to it but a little different because I'm a high school senior.

    SN: I live in South Carolina
  10. i hated that movie, the guy was talking about weed like its comparable drunk, and that when he smoked he completely couldn't remember anything. makes us look bad.

  11. yeh i agree with u bro that movie suckd ass weed is the perfect plant :D:smoke: it will solve everything.. and yes i still think that there is a 1% chance of oprah being black jesus lol
  12. Keep us informed about it brahhhhhhh
  13. dude just go watch super high me..
  14. there was only 1 good bit in super high me when that cop from the hangover a comedian is like yeh this is a pound of grass ./. street value 2 MILLION DOLLARS lol wen it was hardly anything in ther elol :smoke::D
  15. been smokin everyday for the past 5 years haha, but good luck with your test. :hello:
  16. Lol bro, a lot of peeps here on Grasscity live that life. I personally love it.

  17. There's nothing challenging about smoking once or twice a day for a month and if there is then you shouldn't do it.
  18. Super High Me?

    Read up on gardening, you don't know how depressing it is when a plant dies.

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