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I want to smoke more, but my lungs and throat say no

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dersz, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Okay, again, I'm kinda new to this, just fyi

    Soo, I got a quad, and shared a lot of it, and with the last half of it I decide to smoke for my self for a week. but I noticed that as I smoked I coughed a lot, which later on makes my throat more sensitive and my chest ache. And idk why but I twitch a lot when I'm high, so it makes everything harder. On top of that, liquids don't really help!

    Soo, I was wondering: is this normal? am I just a noob? how can I fix this?

    Thanks in adv guys :wave:
  2. You'll get over it eventually. I remember when it use to be like that. It was horrible. Try inhaling differently.
  3. yes, this is completely normal. the chess aches/burning is just because your body is not used to smoking yet. As for the coughing, that will ALWAYS happen. Whether you are smoking a bong or a vaporizer, you will cough when you inhale enough weed because thc is a natural expondent
  4. no worries on the twitching, it happens to me from time to time. like a muscle spasm?

    are you smoking straight blunts? if so, that would explain the sore throat and lungs.

    no point in smoking a shit ton though, after you get so high, you can't get any higher.
    but that is something you learn with time.

    im not gonna hate on you for wanting to smoke all day, everyday...
    ive definitely been there myself.
  5. The coughing doesn't go away. Its not like your lungs will get more resistant the more you smoke.

    What are you smoking on all day? If its blunts or a harsh pipe, that could be why your lungs/throat are so tore up. Try a vape, joint, or a bong if you can afford one. They really make a world of difference. And if all else fails, make some dank edibles. You wanna be uncontrollably high for like 12 hours, without having to take one hit...? Edibles, my friend.......edibles.
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    What are you using, a pipe?

    I never really liked actually smoking. Burn the herb and breathing in the smoke is harsh and unpleasant. But a bong can help make the hits smoother, or better yet, a vaporizer. I can literally vape until I pass out, whereas with smoking I usually just get tired of inhaling smoke after so long.

    Edit: as someone else mentioned, you can definitely still cough even from vapor if you run at a higher temperature or take too big of a hit. But coughing from a huge vapor hit is far less harsh than coughing from smoke. I like to have some hot tea with honey when I'm vaping. It's nice to sip in between hits to keep from my mouth drying out. And if you ever do have to cough, a few sips of some hot tea seems to soothe your throat fairly quickly.
  7. Invest in a bong. Drink lots of water. Take some naps, anything helps.

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