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I want to smoke, but i have bronchitis

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 197774, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. alright blades, heres the deal, i just got back from the doctors and he told me i have bronchitis. :mad: . but before i went there i bought some really high grade greens and i havent smoked since saturday so i really want to smoke.

    So i was wondering if i smoked a bowlpack in a few hours if that would harm my health really bad?

    Also: he prescribed me zithromax so i have already taken 2 of those and it really cleared me up alot. AND i havent had any chest pains, just flem
  2. You could make a vaporizer out of a light bulb :cool:
  3. i never liked that vaporizer light bulb idea, it just sounds a lot more harmful than actually smoking. you could invest in a real vape or make firecrackers
  4. for your safety buy a high quality vaporizer. and ur set for life
  5. dude i was in the same situation. i had bronchitis took some medicine and felt a lot better the next day, but still pretty sick. i used my mflb and got pretty fucking high. i actually felt better and that was last night. i smoked again this morning and i fell even better than i did last night. almost healed completely. it did tickle my throat and make me cough tiny tiny tiny bit but other than that i was fine and felt great. i say go for it
  6. im gunna go for it. im not really hhaving respiratory problems right now, its really just my sinuses.
  7. Make some firecrackers dude. They get you pretty high. I put like a gram (has to be ground to DUST) spread out on some peanut butter/ cannola oil mix spread on some saltines. bake at 300 for half an hour.

    There are probably beter recipes in the edibles section.
  8. A light-bulb vape works fine, light bulbs are designed to withstand heat...
  9. sooooo worth it :) im on another planet right now :)

  10. yeah, but all the chemicals that could still be left behind and the possibility of burning more chemicals from the bulb doesn't seem worth it, imo. i'd just save up and buy a real vape. but different strokes, right?

  11. mflb! Ftw!

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