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  1. So I rarely get to the bar and get trashed. I'm not a big drinker like that. Last night I accepted an invite to go get smashed at the local pub and I have felt the worst hangover I have ever had today. Vomiting all day. I remember nothing, and I just furiously hate alcohol and I want to share this poem/commentary about it. It's not to be taken too seriously, I wrote this simply to distract myself from the agony of this hangover. This is sort of an ode to cannabis for me I guess. Thanks for reading.

    I’ll Take A Water

    Easy come and easy go

    Inhale quick and exhale slow

    Grab some food and watch your show

    The politics and preconceptions of life really do blow

    Make sure your hiding out from psychic vampires and getting real stoned

    Your alcoholic fluids and mixtures are despicable

    They make me vomit (literally not metaphorically)

    I’ll take a fucking water

    Once in a blue moon I accept the invite and partake in the drinking of poison

    The room spinning furiously as all of us become pathetic, repetitive and emotionally disturbed

    Perverted (not only sexually, but more so generally)

    It would be a shame not to mention what I call “The Acid Puke”

    A hot, miserably bitter, stinging flow of vomit fly's out your nose

    “Oh fuck me!” You scream and curse in regret of consuming the poisonous brew

    Your friend asks “How are you doing in there?”

    “Fuck you!” You say

    Sounds like a good time

    Have mercy on us

    Despite of all this ridiculousness

    I am still put in many positions where I must defend my cannabis use

    Sorry I’m not loud, belligerent, and puking on your kitchen floor

    I’ll take a fucking water bartender

    That’s my two cents on nonsense​
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