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i want to see this on during the superbowl

Discussion in 'General' started by McLovin23_x2, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. [ame=""]YouTube - Legalization: Yes We Can[/ame]
  2. Are they actually airing one of the commercials people submit or what?

    The first and biggest step to the whole process is to get ads on TV.. Don't know what the hold up has been. Hopefully NORML goes through with this.
  3. I think you are more likely to see something like this again this year!


    I would really LOVE to see that as a commercial though.
  4. Best commercial I've seen in my life. Next to teh tootsie pop ones.
  5. are they for real going to air these types of commercials?
    they definitely, definitely should.
  6. That's an AMAZING commercial... God I hope they air that....

    We should get a donation drive going to make them air that :)
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    finally, a commercial about weed that isnt biased and feature stupid ass kids talking to their dog or another girl melting on a fucking couch. this has EDUCATERD people, bitch.

    word to your mother.

    EDIT: ohyeahh, who the fuck came up with the idea for the commercials anyways?! their the ones who are fucking high cuz you only think of those things when you're high. talking dog? melting on a couch? wtf?!?! ...yupp, their obviously high.

    fucking hypcrites.


  8. Haha. I'm sorry I just found that too ironic to pass up.

    Great commercial though. Would love to see it on the TV.

  9. aye! dont judge me when im high.

  10. If it's any consolation, I only laughed so hard at it because I'm high as well.
  11. Absolutely great commercial. There's nothing else really to say except I hope more people see this.
  12. ohh, well..


  13. I'd cream my jeans if that were allowed during the super bowl
  14. x2, then i would rewind and cream my pants again...this would be so epic.
  15. thanks for the mental picture.
  16. It would cost so much money for a minute time slot haha
  17. Cool stuff, NORML is always doing amazing things.

  18. epic idea dude!!! an yes yes i would cream in my jeans to if it where allowed dring the superbowl anyways i am gonna go smoke another bowl a read some other posts peace:smoke:

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