I want to quit..but i don't. Anyone else?

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  1. Okay so I just want to know if anyone relates to me or if you've gone through this feeling.
    Lately, I feel like I want to quit smoking so bad. I've been an active (every day at least two times a day) smoker for 5 years. Weed is my best friend. She has been my friend longer than any real person. It is natural for me to come home after work or school or almost anywhere and get stoned. But I'm just tired of it. Of always having to go buy more and wasting money and always feeling so lazy. Sometimes I wake up the next morning and wonder why the hell I wasted an entire day sitting at home being stoned.
    It's getting really beautiful outside though, which always makes me want to smoke.
    And that's what I mean, does anybody else go through phases where one day all you want to do is get high and smoke for the rest of your life, and then the next day hate how much of a pothead you are and wish you could forget you knew what it felt like to get high.

    Maybe I'm just way too much of a fuck up. But part of me never wants to quit smoking.
    And then part of me wants to be a "successful member of society".

    Thoughts? Relations?
  2. Sounds like you need to force a break on yourself. Decloud your mind, pick up jogging or biking or something...get used to not being high from weed then come back to it and see how you want to enjoy it. The emotional withdrawals will suck but just tough it out. You appear to be young, you've got plenty of time to get high. You just need to get to know yourself without it so you can get some perspective.

    My 2 cents.
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  3. Sometimes we just need to learn how to moderate our habits. I smoke weed about once or twice every week.. sometimes once or twice every fortnight. It would be a waste of money for me to be smoking it every day to the point of it becoming boring. Might as well drink beer, or just be sober and have a coffee and a tasty pizza. I tend to over-analyze the economic impact of all of my purchases, after all. ;)

    One thing that helps me control my urges to smoke weed AND alcohol is definitely food. What you need to do is think of something ridiculously yummy.. and cook it. Or go to the restaurant and eat it. It'll get you out of the door, out of your environment. Food itself is like a legal high. Just don't go overboard with it.

    They say the environment is largely responsible for our habits. Are you lonely? Are you feeling insecure? All that can have an impact in our likelihood to develop ANY addiction, whether it's alcoholism, painkillers, gambling, video games, etc.
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  4. I get you, OP. Mostly on the money wasted part. If I didn't spend so much on weed I could have saved the money for other things in life, like my own place to live. Buy having a crutch like Mary Jane these thoughts just float out the window and I realize I don't have to be a slave to money just because society made it that way. Thinking back to simpler times the stress of financial stability is the real ego-killer and life drain. Weed is that one constant that can erase the worries and bullshit life throws at you.

    Keep on keeping on, OP!
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    I tend to under-analyze the economic impact of my purchases lol. I now have loads of Blu-ray sets and other shits worth a lotta money. The good thing about it though is if I'm ever completely desperate for cash I have loads of valuables I can sell or pawn lol

    It's kinda like gold. I invest most my money on bills alcohol weed tobacco and food. Shit that is gone after you use it. So buying spendy things that can last a life time like guitars and Blu-ray sets are really a decent investment. I prefer physical to digital too, collectors do for sure.

    I still have all but 1 of my PS3 games even though my PS3 is busted. One day they may be worth a lot I think, especially when computers get good enough to emulate the PS3
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  6. Never thought of it that way. Good point.

    That's part of the reason why I bought a $1600 electric bike, instead of a $200 scooter. I can't resell my $200 scooter if it goes to shit.
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    Yeah lol if the economy crashes again people who spend all their mony on weed food and beer and shit will really wish they had more "stuff" lol

    The truth is that it's a materialistic world lol...
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  8. It's good to be able to know how to grow your own dope, as well as brew your own piss. Those are the main skills required to survive economic collapse. People spend a lot of money on vices, man can't live on bread alone.

    I'm gonna make some more cider today, my apples are nice and ripe, as are my strawberries.
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  9. Yeah... Your apples ARE nice and ripe haha jk
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  10. You can actually do both.

    Quit, for 3 weeks.

    Then smoke a week.

    Repeat as you need to.
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