I want to put a tomato plant in my grow room

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by waytoofastvette, May 31, 2006.

  1. I have a tomatto plant i would like to put in my grow room. Will this bother my plants ? I would hate to mess up what ive been working so hard towards for a tomato

    Just thought i would ask before i did it Thanks guys !
  2. i doubt it would hurt, but i may be wrong
    only thing i could think of is that you would MIGHT need more lighting?
  3. Arent tomato plants very similar in genetic makeup?
  4. i think mysticman is right
    everyone says use tomato ferts for growing weed so its probly perfect cause u already have the ferts for it
    anyway i dunno if u wanted to start a grow of tomatos in ur grow room or bring one in
    if ur bringing one in make sure u dont see bugs on it or ull be fucked
  5. ive read quite a bit where ppl would grow the marijuana in between tomatoes out in theyre greenhose, so yea i dont see why that would ever be a problem:)
  6. Sweet !

    Im gonna put one in there today :)
  7. Yeah
    This winter I grew basil plants for my mom under my hps with the grass.
  8. You should be able to grow tomatoes with MJ just fine. If doing so indoors don't bring in an outdoor tomato plant that might have pests. Hopefully it goes without saying to keep them in separate pots.

    MJ and tomatoes share some similarities in nutrient needs and grow conditions but I would not call them genetically similar. A dog will eat the same thing a person does but they are not genetically similar either, in my mind (unless you want to get down to the level that they are both mammals).

    True that the more plants of any kind in a given grow space the more lighting needs may increase.
  9. Toasty, I think what he was trying to get at was the fact that there has always been the rumor/myth/ancedotal evidence that you could hybridize the marijuana and tomatoes together.
  10. Hmmm, OK. I just thought he wondered if it would be a problem in general, I say no. Others chimed in with thoughts on close genetics and stuff. As to worries about cross-fertilization between MJ and tomatoes, nothing to worry about -- again not nearly enough genetic similarity for any chance of that.
  11. Bawhahaha wouldn't that be funny. My ak47 is sprouting tomatoes.
  12. I do now and then, and no they are not affected by the lighting times either, but do ensure the soil and stuff is the same as the weed

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