I want to publically end my crush on Bristol Palin...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sandaclaus, May 7, 2011.

  1. Just wanna say, Bristol Palin was named after my home town, Bristol Connecticut. That is all.
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    I feel sorry for Bristol Palin.

    She is trapped in a family that is homophobic and intolerant, and has a mother who is a media whore.

    I actually feel sorry for anyone raised in a very conservative household. I honestly believe it stunts their social development and warps their world view.
  3. I agree. Whats amazing is she is a mother herself, and has shown the inability to grow with her child. Thats the disturbing part...This is a girl that tried to play the higher than mighty card when her mom was running for Vice ( I believed in Bristol then) but in reality was just another irresponsible teenager who got rewarded and put on a pedestal for her behavior...I could very well be wrong about her, but again, I am glad I ended my crush last year...I no longer find anything any Palin has to say as either important or entertaining...Ugh!!

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