I want to publically end my crush on Bristol Palin...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sandaclaus, May 7, 2011.

  1. I remember watching Dancing with the Stars, and became smitten for Bristol...She was a cute girl ( I am attracted to that type) and seemed to have a fun personality...I loved the fact she is from Alaska, and she just seemed like someone I wanted to meet...In comparing her to Bush's daughters, Bristol just seemed down to Earth...

    Sure, she has some baggage...Levi seems like an idiot, but you can't blame someone for making a poor decision when it comes to love...Her mother is trying to take over the country, and thought she would like if I was friends with Bristol...

    But I just saw an article where Bristol got some facial work done, and I am really disappointed...She looks different, and I just can't like her anymore...I hope she understands...
  2. Maybe she'll understand, but I don't.
  3. Call her up saying your a porn director and ask her if she's interested in starring in Whos Nailing Paylin 2.
  4. Thats the thing...I am not sure if i wanted to "bang" her. She had a real cute smile, and just seemed like a real person...Somebody I could see being friends with...

    I am just not sure anymore...
  5. Meh,her mom is hotter anyways.:D
  6. Iv never heard of hear in my life until i googled her after reading this thread...yeah shes cute, a little thick but that can be sexy too :D
  7. Bristol is fugly as poo, but I'd nail her mom after a few brews...
  8. Yes, a little thick is nice, especially in the facial area ( I like girls cheeks...Is that weird?)

    Did Bristol Palin get plastic surgery? Sarah Palin's oldest daughter looks nearly unrecognizable

    Anyway, this are the pics that Daily News printed on Friday...If someone knows how to post them on here, please go ahead.

    I was in a deli, looked at the pics, and just went on a rant...LOL!! I think I just felt let down, kind of the way some people felt letdown when Tiger Woods hit the tabloids...
  9. [​IMG]

    is it just me or does she look kinda like snooki

    her mother was a looker

  10. Damn,I'm assuming the before is on the left hand side.I gotta say,she looked WAY better before.

    And Sarah is still a looker.;)
  11. wow @ the before and after pictures. bitch is crazy
  12. I just read that Bristol is shooting another "reality" show. I just read the Playboy interview with Sadie Johnson ( Levi's sister) talking shit about Bristol, and its amazing that her mother still is in the running for President of the United States.

    Though my crush with Bristol is officially over, I am beginning not to like the Palins, especially Bristol...Yet, she is celebrated as a "hero" for her work with childhood pregnancy...((sigh)) I still don't understand how her world works...

  13. ya no kidding
  14. Ugh. No way man. I'd still fuck Sarah Palin though
  15. id bang her in the after pic. dont get why everyone seems to hate it.

  16. No she's not.
  17. I'd pound before AND after.

    Got Dayum.
  18. Damn
    She's mad cute lol
  19. Yes, Nick, she is. Now do you see the dilemma that I face? I mean, what happens if I am in Wasilla, Alaska working and meet Bristol? Heck, she might like me. But I just can't go back on this...I will never like Bristol again.

    I hope this decision does not come back to bite me in the ass. LOL!!
  20. Well GC, I am proud to say my decision did not bite me in the ass, and it was confirmed to me this past week. It involved her criticism over Obama's take on Gay Marriage. Its not that Bristol disagreed with Obama...its why she disagreed with him.

    Apparently, the President was listening to his daughters talk about some of their friends parents that are same sex, and was enlightened, probably by their pure and innocent take on the issue. Bristol criticized him, saying how could he listen to children on this type of issue ( and then tried to be funny with a Dora comment, but failed)

    Fuck man, how could he not? Its our children we are supposed to learn from, and its the children that will help make the world a better place. While its important to help shape a child's world view, its more important to listen to them. In fact, I think this is one of the most commendible things the President has done while in office...Its not his decision, but how he came to it.

    Though I have no desire to have this thread turn into a gay marriage debate ( personally, I think this has nothing to do with the State...Its a Church issue.), I just wanted to reconfirm my non-crush on Bristol. Once again, I hope she won't be too disappointed.

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