I want to permanently volunteer in a 3rd world country--anyone know of any orgs?

Discussion in 'General' started by Claptonisgod, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Hey guys. I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do when I finish college and I am considering permanently volunteering abroad, as I just think I'd help more people there than here in the U.S...so anyways, does anyone know of any programs that will let you volunteer indefinitely? I was considering the peace corps but they're only good for two years....thanks guys :)
  2. Maybe the Peace Corps?
  3. French Foreign Legion.

    Perk: you get to shoot people.
  4. Why would you want to sign a LIFE contract?
  5. That's what I want to know. Keep signing yourself on yearly until you decide that you're ready to move on. Don't sell your soul, buddy!
  6. Don't listen to durchii, you can get good money for your soul on ebay.
  7. If your looking to volunteer then I say Peace Corps-OR-if you would NOT like to have an obligation with your gov't then check out this website.. http://helpx.net/ Henious informed me of this site the other day.
  8. the peace corps..
  9. i'm looking to doing that NOW. I've been in college 1 month and realized it's just a continuation of high school. No thank you, I want to have adventures now, I want to help people now, I want to live now.
  10. The peace corps, from what I've read, take you for 27 months max. I'd like something where it is possible for me to stay indefinitely, but of course I wouldn't want to sign into a life contract or anything like that...thanks for the replies thus far :)
  11. France is a 3rd world country now?

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