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  1. So I've been reading so much lately about how corrupt this government in the United States actually is, and futhurmore I Cannot stand it. I can't stand here and declare myself a citizen of this country and be proud of it. THis country is the root of problems in this world, corruption, greed. People MOVE HERE for money.

    This is a money country and I for one will not stand for it. The cannabis laws are outrageous, and I would no longer like to live here if they are going to not legalize weed within the next five years. although there are many other reasons why I hate this government, the drugs are one of the biggest. We bully other countries to agree with us, because of our power they will not change their policies. But finally some are taking a stand against us.

    I would really like to move to Canada where the laws are not so hefty, and maybe move back here whenever the USA starts to take responsibility for their actions and stop hiding things from the people that make up the country for what it is.

    Im taking a stand and my stand is leaving this country, proving it's not worth staying with these types of rediculous lies and acions that the government ensues.

    Besides this, I'm only 18 and currently am unable to provide for myself and move out, but if weed is not legal by the time I am able to move out.. SEE YA AMERICA.
  2. cool story bro!
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    Word, but just for the heads up, it's fucked up...everywhere. It's much easier to accept what environment you were brought up(without your consent) into this world in and stay with it. The universe is cruel and we made it only more fucked up to live in by adding more rules/guidelines/morals/ethics than the physical realm we deal with have. I say go for it, do what you heart desires but ask yourself if your move will solve the puzzle your mind wickedly torments you with.
  4. We are the same neff.
  5. there is no free country. Theyre all corrupt man.. Just live YOUR life.

  6. Id like to live MY life smoking weed without having to have incredible amounts of criminal charges against me.
  7. In the last few years I have been becoming more and more upset with this country...it just seems to be going downhill...I used to love this country...now that iv'e grown and see what its becoming i cringe....we are fake...end of story...we think we are the best at everything....not the right things either might I add
  8. DRUG REBELLION!!!! Get your dealer's samurai swords and some PCP - fuck the police!
  9. It can still be fucked up everywhere and ya just gotta forget about it and chill out, but Canada is pretty sweet...
  10. canada is sweet as fuck without them there would be no hockey...what a horrible place this would be haha. i would move to canada if things got way too fucked up here but i think everyone pretty much said it, no mater where you go its gonna be fucked. SMOKE BLUNTS!!

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