I want to make a great bong, but...

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  1. Well... How long is it gunn a take before this goes away? And I know you don't actually use that design, any self respecting stone will only use that when they just broke their only piece and can't gwt another one.

    Also, I'm just going to try and get a dimond tip drill bit, so well see. Thanks for all the posts guys!:smoke:

  2. hahahahaha :hello:

  3. oh lord, i rofld.
  4. Hey guys. I decided to just use a regular drill, since the glass was so strong. I have almost made it throughout to the inside, but the glass is so thick that I haven't even gotten through. I spent like two hours out in the garage, with no negative results, so tomorrow I should have it finished... It's surprisingly hard to get through the glass...:smoke:

  5. god, i kind of dislike you now. lol

    AND lol@ ur signature.
  6. I used a dremmel with a type of circular bit that looked like sand paper kinda its supposed to be used for ceramic tiles but it worked fine on my glass bottle.
  7. those circular bits are called dremel discs and alot of people use the stronger ones to cut through aluminum and steel
  8. you should turn a chicken fry into a chillum for your next project.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    what he said...glass is an amorphous solid...meaning you break the surface tension you break the glass
  10. try placing the glass bottle in a bucket of water and drill the hole while the glass bottle is submerged.
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    I gotta go read this mcdonalds thread

    Edit:Lmfao no you'll never live it down.Rep for your sig.

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