I want to make a great bong, but...

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  1. Here's the thing... I have a glass bottle that would make a PERFECT bong, it even has two chambers and is shaped perfectly, but there is only one hole in it, the top of the bottle.

    I really want to make it into a bong, the problem is that I don't know how to put a hole in it, and I don't want to go trying things and risk breaking it. Does anyone know how i could put a small hole for a stem near the bottom of the bottle without using ablowtorch?

    Also, the bottle is about two centimeters thick where I want to put the hole. Does anyone have any suggestions?:smoke:
  2. get a diamond tipped drill bit from your local hardware store
  3. Umm... I think I have one, but I'm not quite sure, is there any other ways anyone knows?:smoke:
  4. It will have a rough tip almost like sandpaper :


    Just make sure to take it nice and slow, you should be all good.
  5. Nope, I don't have one of those... I won't be able to run up to the store for a little while, any other drill tips I can use?:smoke:
  6. uhhhh you could try really small ones and work your way up, but it will prolly break the glass.
  7. Those drill bits are really useful. I made a nice hole in a beer bottle using one. That's probably your best bet.

  8. Well I certainly DONT want that, is there some way I could just use a small sanding tip to put a hole through the glass?:smoke:
  9. If your gonna use any other type of drill bit make sure to take it nice and slow and work your way up in sizes. Also keep lots of water handy so you can keep rinsing your drill hole. It will greatly reduce the chance of cracking.

  10. Thanks for the help. I'm going to try it and see if I can make it work without the special drill bit, if it breaks I have a second bottle that may work... But I don't know...:smoke:
  11. arent u the guy who was talking about a mcdonalds cup the other day? lol

  12. I'll never live that down, will i? I guess I wanted to build a replacement, the Mc.Donalds look was getting stale... Haha.

    UPDATE: I just went out and tried to use a regular drill bit on the bottle, and no matter how hard I tried the thing just wouldn't drill I to the bottle. The bottle was SERIOUS SHIT! I got very frustrated after drilling for like ten minutes and only putting a tiny dent, so I gave up and set the bottle down... But I missed the table. It fell and didn't break. WTF.

    So what now? The bottle is amazing strong, it's like a fucking god, so how can I put a hole through this bitch? Would heating it with a lighter or something help me drill through it?:smoke:
  13. lol man but the mcdonalds cup is also amazing strong!...
    you can try to like break a hole into it and then tape around it so it doesnt stay all shardy. but good luck with that

  14. Haha. I already wish I hadn't posted that damned mc. Donalds thing... SIGH.

    Also, I don't want to break the bottle, I want it to be good... How? Andyone have a good suggestion?:smoke:
  15. the only way you're doing it safely is with the diamond bit bud. lol other than that you're fucked. unless of course you have....a "laser" muhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol
  16. Dude, just follow your blue prints that you posted from your "McDonalds Bong"

    See, easy as pie.

  17. Well Im Not mad scientist, but the glass is crazy strong, so I'm thinking I'll try with a regular drill bit, and see what happens... If that doesn't work then I'll bike up to the home depot (like 45 minutes away...) and buy a drill bit on Monday... How much do they cost? Only like a few bucks right?:smoke:

  18. God damn it! Forget the Mc. donalds bong!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  19. get a diamond bit. thats it. If you're gonna do it, do it proper.
  20. bro i dont know i dont get all complicated my mcdonalds bong does the job. lol

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