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  1. Please read..please.

    My mother has rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. She used to be a healthy 130lb woman.She is down to 80 lbs and is on a feeding tube because that's the only way she gets nutrients now. The doctors put her on a medication called predisone and it has completely destroyed her digestive system as well her adrenal glands. Now she has to take this terrible drug not because it helps just to supply her body with adrenaline to live. I've talked with her and she agrees that Marijuana would help her significantly . She just Won't take it because it's "illegal "? I think that's wrong unethical immoral and inhumane. My mother is a saint and has never even been drunk.

    My name is Tyler. I am a former Firefighter. I am 24 years old. I also inherited my mothers arthritis as well as anklylosing spondylitis in my back. they gave me pain pills that I became addicted to. I was forced to resign from my career because a paramedic introduced me to xanax and I developed a terrible habbit. I couldn't be trusted with pills and the side effects were worse than the actual disease. I also have crippling panic attacks from ptsd that I can't take medicine for and chronic fatigue from my arthritis. I also have digestive problems and cannot eat on my own and throwup throughout the day.

    Not until now that I have developed these debilitating symptoms do I see the medicinal benefits of this beautiful God given plant, Marijuana.

    Marijuana is the only thing that gets me through my day. It doesn't completely take my pain away it just makes it bearable enough to go through my day.

    There is an organization called NORML (norml.org) you may have heard of. They are working to reform Laws for Medicinal use of Marijuana for patients.

    They have chapters all across the United States but there is currently not one in Mississippi.

    Ive done some research and there is currently a bill in place that is in legislature called SB 2252 that is for a law to be passed in MS for Medicinal Marijuana patients.

    I would like to start a Mississippi chapter of NORML and I want to get things going here. I'm talking about rallying picketing handing out flyers talking to people face to face mailing state officials the whole 9 yards. I understand thats a big step and risk...but if youre like me I think its something worth fighting for.

    This is something I'm very serious about and I am looking for people who are willing to get this going.Not casual smokers who just like to get blazed, I mean legitimate usuers that understand the medicinal benefits and who have a heart for helping patients get their medicine.

    There is a lot of information and I'm new to all of this too. So no worries. I'm just looking for individuals who beleive in their heart that it should be legalized and who are ready to take action.

    I want my mother and others like her to be able to get the medicine she needs and deserves.

    I feel it tugging at my heart strings and iknow its right.

    If you are as serious and passionate as I am about this, Please contact me And I urge you to go to norml.org for more information as well.

    It's time for a change. Lets Make a difference

    P.s. I know this was posted in the TN se
  2. I'd contact norml and see what it would take to get a movement going where you live. Also ask them if its okay to make flyers with their name on it.

    And make sure you contact your local government frequently. If anything run for an office and then use your position to promote medical marijuana.
  3. I commend you on standing up for what you believe in. Those who would stand up and say 'No more', are those who will inspire the masses to follow. I admire your passion and drive and hope to see more of it in America today!
  4. I just have no where to even begin.. like I've been emailing senators and everything. There Is just so much information. apparently I have to have 5 members that are registered with normal.( minimum 25$) then I canopy to start a charter? Ahhh it's just kinda confusing.
  5. Another thing you may want to try is to look and see ( on this site) if there is a group in Mississippi that can help you with getting the NORML chapter started.

    Here is a place to start. :http://forum.grasscity.com/groups/all.html You may find a group on this site that can help you and you may find others near you that can help.
  6. You gotta get yourself noticed, do something courageous. Take some chances.
  7. you have my support friend
  8. Here and supporting You and all Others! 2012 Needs to be the year!

  9. have u ever heard of juicing cannabis ?
  10. ^^please explain ha
  11. [ame]http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qa0nLdVJiIg[/ame]

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