I want to lose weight

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  1. I'm sure there are hundreds of threads on this topic, but I don't really care. I'm looking for some fresh, new, opinions on the matter.

    I'm 6 feet tall
    175 pounds

    I want to lose weight so I can get rid of the small bulge on my stomach, but then I want to start working out and gaining muscle hardcore.

    The way I see it, I should lose the weight, then begin working out...but recently I've heard otherwise.

    I've been on a diet the past month and I've been running a mile a day about 2-3 times a week (I know I really need to step that up)

    But how should I go about losing the pouch and gaining muscle?
    And what are some good supplements for gaining muscle mass? (I've heard N.O. Explode for creatine and Mass XXX for protein)

  2. Eat and workout.

    Consume and burn good amounts of calories properly and you lose the fat while gaining muscle.
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    from the prespective of a smoker its just important to plan on having healthy munchies. i always plan on having some dank granola or healthy fruit veggies on hand. eating healthy is the easy part. after like a week of being junk food free you feel great, trust me try it.

    i'm 5'9" 140 and around 7-8% body fat, that's respectable six pack territory. and i smoke nearly every day. its possible if you want it. and if you want it its well worth it.

    plan to run or work out every day at a regular time. i aways run and smoke. with a good high i can fucking fly like 5-6 miles and get back with enough engery for a good lift.

    also get some good whey protein and plan on taking a about 50 grams after each lift, your recoveries will be much faster and your muscles repair better. dont worry about more hard core stuff to start with.

    good luck man.
  4. I work at a gym. Dont diet if you want to gain muscle ( I assume diet means eating less and more healthy) just eat healthy. The "bulge" (if it is just a bulge) you have can be turned into muscle. Dont try to diet; just start lifting and your body will convert it to muscle. The key to gaining muscle is eating ALOT, if the amount your eating keeps your body the same weight, how is that amount of food going to make muscle? EAT ALOT , lift hard, and do some cardio. It takes time to build muscle, be patient.
  5. Want to lose weight buddy? I'm not kidding.

    Get out ya chair now and go for a 2 hour run.
    No excuses don't act like a woman, you want to
    lose this weight get the fuck up and make a change.

    This isn't a joke start now, then go again tomorrow
    Hit up the weights once you get into a routine and you
    will be a machine in 9 months.

    Don't sit there and go yeh maybe, it will work just
    push your self every time.

    Do it.
  6. Also for the weights you want width to ya arms not little balls for biceps n ya shoulders
    so your looking to do 3 sets of 6-8 power reps bro.

    Working for me ;)
    Make sure you crank the neck muscles makes it all more even, do ya back
    chest bi's tri's shoulders lats abs legs n shit you want you whole
    body prepared for anything ;)
  7. Are you looking for cosmetic muscles or functional muscles? Because there is a difference... Some people look awesome but put them into the real world and that muscular definition doesn't mean anything...
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    That's why you do power reps, smaller, wider, more powerful muscles, they're deceiving.
    Also the more you work the more power you have doing anything. Your whole body is fit.
  9. Yeah, I know... Thats why I was asking. I used to go to bodybuilding.com all the time. I was just trying to figure out what the dude wanted. He might as well go to that website and they will help him out alot more then this site will...
  10. Yeh exactly, should look around instead of asking on a stoner forum :p
  11. On a stoner forum you ask best ways to get high and whats good for the munchies. Not how to bulk up...:)
  12. 6 feet 175 pounds?

    I'm 6 feet and weigh 195.

    Back in October I weighed 155 and at the beginning of November I weight 195 and have maintained that until now.

    I worked out 20 minutes in the morning, an hour in my spare in school, and 30 minutes after school, as well as drumming. That didn't include gym classes.

    So, basically 2 hours of working out a day and an hour of intense, blast beat, thrash metal drumming will get you some lean muscles, the fat is another issue.

    It'll come with time, alot of cardio and dieting will help.
  13. My sig might help you.

    if you are serious about losing weight forget all this pussy shit work out do cardio fuck that

    just start a speed/coke habit, the weight will be gone before you know it!

  15. That's great advice.:hello:

    I couldn't have put it better myself. Nothing helps push down large amounts of protein bars than some pot to make them taste more delicious than they are.

    If you're looking to cut weight, which you shouldn't at your height/weight ratio, you're going to just need to start eating properly, and excersizing all the different parts of your body equally.

    Now people are going to tell you, "Run boy, run." Not gonna help. Not one little bit unless you're extremely dedicated to it, and I can guarantee that you won't be. You need to find yourself a gym to work out, and probably a cheaper one. You don't need to go to anything fancy, just a good iron gym.

    Chest/Tri Day 1/4
    Legs/Shoulders Day 2/5
    Back/Bi Day 3/6
    Rest day on sunday

    Repeat, and in no time you'll find yourself in shape. It's one of the patterns I've followed since I started weightlifting at 13.

    If you're serious about it, read up on speeding your metabolism up. 9 small meals a day will do you good, if you can, and nothing but water or rice milk if you must consume milk.

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