I want to live in the wild for a little

Discussion in 'General' started by TokingDaily420, Dec 27, 2013.

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    Like a week or a couple. Maybe a month. Im just tired of city life and everything tied up with it..so Im thinking of taking a hike somewhere near the mountains/camping trail near me.
    So basically camping for a good amount of time. Any advice? Not sure if there would be anything to hunt but I can get plenty of top ramen and all that.
    Also I got a chillin tent. =]

  2. Ever watch 127 hours?
  3. I did it for about four months.  Great experience.
  4. Nope, care to explain though?
  5. People used to do this back in the 70s... even the 90s... I have some books left behind by a landlord that talk about reclaiming one's spiritual self through a stay in the wild... So if that's something you would like to experiment in, don't let anyone tell you not to : P
  6. it was a joke. A jokes no good if you gotta explain it
  7. Man that sounds like a fantastic idea
  8. That nice to hear..what type of area were you in?
  9. Lol xD
  10. Do it. Take a gun with U JIC, and lots of food and LOTS of weed. And a girlfriend/ lots of lotion.
  11. Is a co2 pistol that shoots steel BB's chill? 
    New England, in the woods near a lake.
    I'd recommend a real gun bro. Even just a .22 rifle would be fine.
  14. Buy a mosin nagant
  15. I can't get my hands on a real gun man since ive been held at a psychiatric facility for 72 hours a few years back.

    Cant buy a gun or join the military till im 21 or 22
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    Try the link I posted if you can afford it.... it's an airsoft. It will take down a rabbit, pigeon, squirrel easy.
    Edit: If you can buy it off Amazon, it's all good.
  17. I would buy a cheap crossbow, or maybe look into a cva muzzleloader. Their not recognized as firearms on a federal level, you can have then shipped to your door. If you really are only going for a month tops, maybe you don't need to buy any guns, a nice big can of bear spray will do quite nicely :)
  18. Checked it..way sick but definitely out of my price range. I have a budget of $100 for food or whatevs. I have plenty of clothes, a tent,.and sleeping bag.
  19. Yeah never mind about the muzzleloaders :) but get bear spray, I don't know where your at but spray is a good idea. Only like 10-15 bucks.

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