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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hashtimepat, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi all i want you help to teach me how to grow. I have some experience with hydroponics for legal use. It would not be suspicious if i bought advanced nutrients, grow lights, pumps, tubing, grow media, air filters or any thing else i might need except seeds. My mane concerns are with ordering seeds and oder. although i am not familiar with growing weed. I would like it if some of you showed me the ropes.thanks guys and sorry about the sloppiness of this post i am not exactly sober. :smoke:
  2. Check out youtube, lots of videos on learning how to grow and set up grows. As for seeds check out the seed bank section. Also read the stickys at the top of each forum, lots of good reading pertaining to what you need to learn, lots of info already there. As for oder you would need a high velocity fan and a carbon filter, size of filter and cfm of fan depend on the size of the grow area.
  3. thanks i am thinking of growing 3 plants for personal use as low oder as possible i am thinking of northernlights. if there is a lower oder strain i would like to know about it. i have a roommate who does not approve so a have to do a stealth grow.
  4. Does anybody know a good low oder strain, and a legitimate seed bank that i wont get busted ordering from them. the reason why i want to grow is i don't trust weed grown by criminals.
  5. Criminals...
  6. yes the big drug gangs that put small glass beads in my bud to make it look stronger.
  7. Dam that sucks
  8. Hi pat,
    Do you like to read?
    In the forum 'Seed Banks' there's a sticky regarding trustworthy seed banks & other information on dealing with them.

    'Hi all i want you help to teach me how to grow.'
    My suggestion would be to do what most of us have done. Start reading the stickies at the top of each forum & ask questions when you need to.

    My opinion is those that want to be successful growers will be. Those will be the ones willing to do what it takes to learn.

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