I want to learn how to make beats.

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  1. So where should i go about doing that, just buy the stuff i need and figure it out myself?
  2. Mac or desktop?
  3. gettin a macbook pro next month
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    cool. what kind of beats? like hip hop beats or what?

    edit: i'm going to sleep soon. I fully recommend Logic Pro 9 if you can manage to get that. Exclusively for macs. Once you get the gist of Logic you can download Plugins. Plugins allow you to incorporate even more sounds into your music. I'm not an expert, however, my roommate is extremely talented with all of it.

    I recommend MASSIVE, Absynth 4, and Sylenth1. Once again tho you never specified what kind of beats.

    If you have a pc there's always FL studio so simple to use as Logic can be overwhelming. If you're into overwhelming programs there's always Ableton Live which is great for producing but difficult to grasp. idk it's just me. there's others who can contribute to the thread I'm sure.
  5. logic is awesome my cousin has it.. but alas I'm stuck to pc so I use Fl studio.
    Its a sequencer so i use it as its good for dnb/ dubstep. The bass is the hardest thing to do by far. I cant do it but I'm shit ha.
  6. be ready to spend about 2-3 grand just for equip and software
    (to make decent beats that is)
  7. im thinking mainly hip/hop beats, maybe a few dubstep on the side. but yea i heard Logic was good thanks for the advice guys :smoke:
  8. I am just figuring out how to make my own beats on logic pro 9 and it is pretty good once I get all the shit I need and figure out how to work logic properly then it will be really good I mostly do mash ups and mixes but now I am changing that.. There are tons of tutorials out there on youtube for getting the bass sounds you want if you are doing dubstep.. that what I am trying to do at least but I find the bass sounds I am getting just are not what I am looking for so it depends how picky you are if you are as picky as me you are gonna need to spend some extra money man, peace. Also you have a keyboard? I am guessing you do.. if you do then make use of the modulation wheel for the wobbles.

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