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I want to know if this is normal! Being "down" after consuming large amounts of weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by inhalingexhalin, May 9, 2011.

  1. Curious and high haha;

    so to start things off I first smoked when I was 15 or so, and never really got regular until I was 16. And even at that point I only smoked a few times a week, which is what I currently do at the age of 20. My question may seem pretty "noobie" to you guys but there's something I've always wondered.

    After long smoke sessions (or getting ripped out of my skull) I have always felt almost a slight depression or sadness, if you will, from after I come down to about 24 hours after smoking. Now from what I know about how THC affects your brain, I am fairly sure this is a semi normal reaction. I have never really asked any of my smoking friends though. But just to be sure I would like to ask if this is normal, and if it happens to anyone else. This is never that big of a deal though, as it always passes within the next 24 hours; or just doesn't happen at all when I don't consume large amounts.

    So I would like to ask, what do you guys think?
  2. yeah this is pretty normal i think. it doesnt happen to me but ive heard a lot of people say its happened to them. not sure how to fix it tho...
  3. its all in your head. you keep focusing on how much coming down sucks and you're making yourself depressed.

    hope this helps :smoke:
  4. When you realize you had so much weed and now you don't, yeah, it's normal.
  5. ...And you realize it's still illegal,

  6. haha no man. sure coming down sucks, but I'm saying the next day after being ripped for a whole night I'll still feel "down". Like not burnt out anymore, but more sad then anything

  7. if what i posted doesn't apply to this^ then i dont know what to tell you lol
  8. it makes sense bc when youre high your dopamine levels are firing off an youre in this euphoric happy mode and then when youre coming down your dopamine levels are back to normal... so compared to your high, yes of course youre a lil sad... but youre not really sad, youre just less happy bc youre not high anymore... makes sense?

  9. That does make sense actually, because it really only does happen the days after I get very ripped multiple times in succession (keeping that strong euphoria throughout each session)

  10. I've felt this too ! Definitely get what you mean about it being more of a sad feeling than a come down feeling. I think it must be to do with how you feel when you're high compared to not being high anymore, like when you're high and you think about things in different ways and the next day you sorta retain that way of thinking without the nice feeling ? Or maybe I am chatting s**t !

  11. No haha I'm pretty sure you're right. Good someone else knows what I'm talking about!

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