I want to kill someone

Discussion in 'General' started by thccrystals, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. Prepare for a rant that has nothing to do with you

    I am so fucking pissed right now. My school is fucking me over without even trying. First I make a full fall schedule and I was happy with what I had. Then I get a letter in the mail, saying they cancelled one of my classes out of nowhere. So I was angry because all the other good classes were already full. I got over that anger, and I went to find some other bullshit class to fit into my schedule. I find out that I can't even register yet! Apparently they close down registration for the fall over the summer, and only allow you to register during orientation sessions. The ONLY place where it tells you when you can register is the exact place you go online to register... and it said "you cannot register because orientation session #1 has yet to begin." So I'm like, "well when the fuck does orientation session #1 begin????" It doesn't tell you when on the registration page! So I search more and find the Orientation webpage for my school. I go to find out the dates of session #1 and the top one on the list says "July 6-8." The next 6-7 sessions under that one are later in the summer, so I fugured since it's on top it's the earliest one, hence the first. All this was like earlier this summer, and I figured today I would go see if by some fluke I could register and get into that class that was almost full(I had found one good class that would fit in). Well to my surprise it was already full and orientation session #1 already happened!?!?!?! I was SO FUCKING PISSED AT THIS POINT, but I've calmed down some since. I go back to that shitty orientation website and under the big chart with all the orientation session dates is a very small, one-item chart which says "orientation session a, June 18th." Well fuck me with a big cock up my asshole!!! I don't even know who I should be pissed at, it's kida my fault and the schools' for making it so difficult to find out when I can register. So now that I'm officially fucked, I'll probably be taking basket weaving or some fucking shit next semester. FUCK ME. I always get the shortest straw.

    If you read all this you rule.
  2. Life in the real world ,arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Shit happens :smoking:

  3. Well what happens when you live in a world of shit? I've seen full metal jacket.
  4. how is it that people who run schools are the most retarded?

  5. Dude, I only wish I knew.
  6. Yeah teachers never work in the real world they are always at school,lol.

  7. First thought this said "might as well roll one." But since it didnt i'll say it now.
  8. youve just realized 90% of the college expierience.
  9. I rule....

  10. lol i was gonna say the same thing....great minds think alike :D

    well that sucks.... i gotta look for colleges this summer....which sucks.... then when i do, i doubt theyll take me because A: i have a criminal record B: i have NO afterschool activities C: my grades/GPA dropped substantially after being suspended during finals........

    life sucks
  11. dude, i feel your pain man. well i'm not actually in a bad situation like that but i know the frustrations of dealing with the fact that no matter how hard you try, the world is out to get you. i mean, fuck ... yesterday i biked for 45 minutes to the closest ATM to get cash to split an eighth with a friend, and it says it isn't dispensing cash at the moment.

    but as for all that school shit, i'm supposed to turn in all this shit but i haven't done any of it because i figure i'll deal with the consequences tomorrow. fortunately ... tomorrow never comes.

  12. me aswell

    dont even know why i posted....

    thats wank about ur college tho THC, im glad i fucked all off school off and have got a alreet job....

    =quite pissed and stoned-

  13. That sucks ass. Our school has a shitty ass fucking website too that is updated once every blue moon and maintained by some idiot who can't even begin to understand the point of an INFORMATIVE webpage. Sadly, I think you have the same situation haha.
    Smoke a bowl, and leave an anonymous phone message at your school administrator's office with a big, uproarous "FUCK YOU, BITCHES!"

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