I want to kill my f*cking cat!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DevilRed, May 2, 2003.

  1. Anyone ever have the house cat gobble up their sprouts? My fucking cat ate 3 of my 4" plants!

    Little bastard, I beat his ass silly!

    One of the plants has one full leaf left and a few little tiny leaves starting where the other branches shot off from. You think it will survive? Are these plants pretty resiliant(sp)?
  2. I have a friend who's dad used to grow pot. One time their cat at all of it and freaked out. I've heard stories about it, but I wish I could have been there. And sorry 'bout your loss.
  3. This is why if you have a cat, you have to go to the nursery and buy Mr. Puss a catnip plant. They are only $3 and will come back every year if you plant it in the ground. Its just like MJ for cats. They eat that shit and roll around, chase their tails, stare at the sky and swat at invisible birds, etc. But they will leave your shit alone.

    But best of all, its fun to get stoned when your cat is stoned on catnip, because you then become one with the cat, real trippy time :D
  4. I have a catnip plant (amazing how it almost smells like some sort of bud) and I have a container full of dried nip for the cats. Thing is I think they think the bud plants are catnip. Guess I shouldn't be soo mad, I mean its an animal.

    He only took out two of my plants......one was my spring pride though :( Oh well I think he over dosed on the bud......he puked the leaves up, eheheh.
  5. aw damn

    happned to me before, first time growin n he dug em up :/

    btw BPP, sounds like a great idea! im gonna try that next time I get some mj :)

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