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  1. I have really been considering joining the military lately. I am currently in university (failing some of my second year courses) and i have no desire to work in an office. I want to have a farm or a ranch but since I don't have birth right its unfeasible for me to begin. I have a lot of built up aggression (more towards myself than anyone in particular) and I want to make my parents proud (they want me to go to university because they both did but I have really been feeling its not for me) and I think the military might be the way to go especially since I'm paying my way. I've hunted since I was 6yrs old and I am pretty skilled with a rifle, and i target shoot in my spare time. I don't really think I have much to live for (not suicidal but not afraid of death). I really want to see combat duty and I'm not sure what that would entail. I just want to break the norm, and make my family and my country proud.
  2. So what are you asking for training stick to sit ups push ups pull ups and running outside
    You can pm if you like im in same process of joining my dads a ex drill sergeant ill share the pt chart hes making for me with you
  3. Does your university have an ROTC program? They can help pay for your school and you'll commission as an officer after you graduate. It'd be a lot better to do that than just enlist.
  4. Do you really want to kill people for a living? People you don't even know and don't even have a reason for killing them? And what about on top of that the only reason you would be killing people is to help a corrupt government that is doing favors for big businesses and bankers?

    Would you really feel good about your life?

  5. Do you know that the majority of people in the military will never kill anyone while they are in the military?

    Do you know that most of them get up like a civilian and work 8-9 hours and go home?

    Not everyone is infantry in the marine corp swinging around a m16.
  6. Just dont talk to an old person about it youll be trying to find your ears after 2 hours. good luck
  7. Fuck going to war, you will probably see a lot of fucked up shit and most likely come back more fucked up then you are right now.
  8. Ay Man U think you could send that to me as well? I'm kindove in the same situation as OP
  9. They make that m16 swinging' infantryman possible tho
  10. I'd be joining the canadian military. i think it would help me clean up my act, and id be helping people and my country. also after a military career i would probably go into independent security consulting or become a mercenary.
  11. still the canadian and U.S military services work together, and,, like some one above mentioned that the military complex is control by the top shots giving you orders and expect you to follow and not question, you wont know the true purposes of the mission, just be told what to do
  12. Dont get me wrong, I respect our soldiers and veterans, but the whole protecting our freedoms stuff is BS these days. Military defense:rolleyes: more like Military offense.

  13. Better than U.S. military, that's for sure.

    Although the military still represents the use of force and is apart of government...
  14. Joining the military is a big choice to make. It depends on your economic, prospective, and overall life plays out. If enlisting in the armed forces, are you sure you would like to be put at risk? It's a big commitment.

    That being said, I plan to join the army soon, mainly for the amazing benefits and advanced combat training.
  15. I would probably join the military cuz it's basically a 24/7 buffet when you're not cleaning or maintaining your facilities.

    eat all day/work out all day/combat train.. all day

    bear in mind if you join as a marine or infantry you'll get involved in a couple firefights.
  16. why fight for a corrupted government? let politicians pull triggers. Fuck the military.
  17. I have lots of friends in the Canadian military, as long as your not a bitch (doesn't sound like you are) then you will be fine and come out a better more in shape man. You can't even go over to the middle east when you serve in the Canadian military unless you volunteer (don't try to argue this, it's true).

    There are so many benefits to joining the Canadian military man, I'd definitely do it if I were you.

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