I want to hear from all you autopot growers!

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  1. after quite a bit of reading I decided to try my hand at an autopot coco grow. Just from reading and drawing some conclusions from others experiences I knew some of the downsides but now that I have some real world experience with them. Those downsides are becoming even more apparent. I have 4 plants, 5 weeks old, one plant is showing extreme signs of nute burn the other three are not. Everything I’ve read says to NEVER top water as this can flush built up salts on the surface further into the root zone causing even more problems. So I guess my first question. When facing ph lockout and nute burn how do you autopot growers go about flushing? This is also compounded by the fact that if I just fill the Rez with ph balanced water my other three plants that are thriving will not be getting enough food. Thoughts, opinions, ideas, and solutions are all welcome . Here’s a pic. Maybe I’m just diagnosing wrong

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  2. Hey how did you make out with the autopots? I am just starting my first autopot grow. Put the girls in the system 5 days ago and now just waiting for them to root. Can't wait to see how they work out :)

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  3. I’ll be back in an hour or so mate. In the mean time, go hit google for @rambogarden he’s the best autopot grower I’ve met so far. Taught me a lot. dude drops 800g autos indoors with the 15 litre autopots !
  4. What’s the ppm and ph of the res mate? Most likely needs a ph5.7 flush of 500ppm(1ec) nutes run through from top feed.
    that’s the numbers you should be feeding full time. If you don’t get N-def (the bottoms yellowing from the leaf tip backwards)
    Then they don’t want and can’t use any more than that. Assuming your feeding the right things anyway?

    Use the nute companies ratios of abc but dial it back down. Always mix in 10L multiples as it turns the 0.8ml per litre into a nice round 8ml per litre that’s easy to get perfect :)
    personally I go up in 100ppm increments and would probably be about 300ppm at this point but I’m just fussy.
    Set it to 500ppm and I’d be surprised if you ever have to alter it :)

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