I want to hear about what you think about DAILY fert dosing

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by APalmer, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. I found some organic fert that says you can use it daily and it is better for your plants during the flowering stages of the plant. It contains
    Is that a good idea?
    What do you think!
    I appreciate everyones input.

    Thankyou :wave:
  2. My input is that if you'd use it daily that it would case a build up and burn the roots. I always thought that you use water after fertilizing to dilute and push the nutrients through the plant.
  3. yes, i also think it could cause root burn.

    i water everyday, and every 3 days i add ferts. the 2 days inbetween will get rid of excess ferts when you water
  4. I feed mine every other day, and I think I am pushing it. Fisher is probably more correct.
  5. That is what I thought too. To make things funny I called the 800# on the box and the lady is telling me that if my plants die from that fertilizer the company would be happy to replace any plants that die because of root damage. I told her that my plants couldn't bee replaced they are rare.LOLShe said that the nutrient was so weak that it would matter if you got a few extra or less drops of fert.I told her that I was taking a poll with my gardeing buddies and I would have to take thier input into consideration. So then she tells me that she can send me a sample box of some different kinds of Organic ferts in it and some leaflet information on each and maybe there is something different I would rather use. She is sending me a box to return this daily feeding stuff.
    I'll let you know what they send.
    She said there is 2 recently new products out that she has used and she was very happy with its results.
  6. I am getting so pissed off giving the SAME fucking answers EVERY day.
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    Spanishfly what do you mean. I don't see the same answer twice on this thread anywhere. Is there something wrong with what I have done?

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