I want to grow! Need expert advice.

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  1. The title says it all, I want to grow. I have thought about growing for months, and I think I have finally worked out all the details. This is my first time growing and I want to do it big and right. I will be growing a few plants inside during the winter months, and many plants outside during the growing season next year. I am a farmer so I do have experience growing crops.

    I plan on buying all my seeds from a seed bank (feminized of course). Which bank is recommended? I have herd both good and bad about attitude, but will most likely use them if I dont have any other opinions.

    How secure is buying seeds online? I plan to grow to my house, and will most likely ship them to my address. I am not too worried since they are legal for "novelty" purposes, however there is always that thought in the back of my head...

    Indoor - I want to grow stealth, probably 2 plants inside some cabinet, gun safe, etc. I need a plant that will grow around 2 feet high, and not completely smell up the house. Which strains would be recommenced? I prefer sativa strains.

    Outdoor - I plan to grow in my organic cornfield. I will be probably starting them indoors and planting them after I cultivate for the last time. My biggest problem is timing. When would you guys recommend planting my seeds so they grow with the corn and dont stick above it or shrink below it too far? Or should I just plant them outside with the corn instead?

    Lastly, Which strains should I use for outdoors? I need something that will do well in the midwest united states climate, and I prefer sativa strains, as I am a very active person. I have always wanted to try some type of a diesel, but am open to any strain you guys have in mind

    Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed my book lol
  2. Indoor short and bushy = Nirvana AK48. This plant is a hybrid, but will give a sativa high. Nirvana is awesome, stealth shipping, stealth charging, awesome seeds that germinate and are female.

    Can't help you with the outdoor stuff. Sorry.
  3. Thanks for the reply! Il look into the ak48. Can anyone help me with my other question?
  4. I would order from Attitude. Shipping is also secure. Its discrete so no one knows whats inside. Your package is pretty much like any other package so it just goes right through just like any other package and eventually it gets to you without anyone knowing what is really inside besides you. They sell some good strains from White Widow, Bubblicious, Northern Lights, Super Skunk, Blueberry Skunk, Bubblegum Kush. Pretty much there is probably over 100 strains or more out there that any one of us would probably consider as excellent or really dank bud.
  5. I've ordered from attitude 3 times, never a problem. I always took it the next step and got the more discrete options (that also guarantee a reship) and got my items within 2 weeks.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys!

    I still havent figured out exactly what I am going to order. I will probalby try some AK48 for my indoor stealth grow, but still dont know what to do outside. Does anyone out there know when I should plant my seeds to grow with corn?
  7. i hear Kaya Gold is a hardy, strong strain for outdoors. Most places that sell seeds will specify in the seed's description whether it is suited for outdoor or in. just do a little researching and youll find what suits you. im struggling a little on selection myself

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