I want to grow, but don't know how!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Senor Zheng, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hola!

    I am a newbie on this board, but have been a long time smoker of over 20 years and love me weed. I am just tired of having to chase my "man" down and pay his prices. (Usual problem). I am a 40 year old man, not a kid (at least chronologically). One good grow would last me several months of good smoking and save me some money.

    I want to try my hand at growing, not to sell, but to keep for my own use. I have about 50 to 100 seeds collected up and wish to grow them. I really don't know how to go about the process from germination forward. I have learned through school, but all that I have researched has shown that growing weed is a little more complicated than growing a fern. Or is it?

    I have watched some YouTube videos of growers and their operations. It seems to me that these people have purchased and used lots of expensive equipment, an expense that I don't want to undertake perse. These "commercial" people seem to have such intricate setups. For all the money spent on these setups, I can just buy the weed I want and avoid the aggrevation.

    Is there a way to see which of the seeds I have are bunk and which ones will grow? My plan is to take some of the seeds, put them in toilet paper and put them on a windowsill to see if they sprout and then put them into small pots and go from there. Put them in a pot of good soil, and if they grow to a reasonable height, I will probably move them to a closet or a bathroom with a heat light. But again, I don't know what the f**k I am doing when it comes to light and temp and would like some research.

    Invariably, I am going to get some male plants. Are male plants totally worthless? Couldn't I take the leaves and make butter or brownies out of them? How early can one detect a male plant from a female plant? How tall or old does a plant have to be for me to notice the sex of the plant? Of course, I want to tell early before the pollinization process. But I really don't know what that is. (I have seen my fair share of wild marijuana growth, but I have phsysically never seen a female budded plant except dead in my ziplock bag or in a bowl.:smoke:)

    What is a clone? How does one make clones? Could someone simply define what a clone plant is and how does someone clone a plant?

    So, my question is, what is an easy method that someone like me can grow some for my own usage? Someone be so kind to teach me Marijuana Growth 101. No Jorge Cevantes (who kicks ass) or having to buy hundreds of dollars worth of crap. Like I said, this is not a commercial operation. What I have learned from growing is from an occasional High Times magazine and episodes of Trailer Park Boys (who used tin foil to cover the floors, walls and ceilings. I've heard from another source to put the plants in a room with pure white Hospital walls. I have heard a lot of info, but would like to know the best (that is varied I am sure!)

  2. well i too just grow for myself as cheaply as possible and heres how i do my grows -- i have a small closet in my bedroom which i cleaned then painted with FLAT WHITE PAINT not gloss thats important as flat white paint is great for reflecting light and is very cheap then i bought two lights from e bay called ENVIROLITES these a large cfl's which i prefer to use as they are cheap and hassle free lots of people use hps lights which will give slightly more yield but if used correctly envirolites are not far behind. The first envirolite i bought was a BLUE spectrum light for vegative growth (if you buy off e bay just look for that in the description) use this light first when the plant is young and leave on 24/7, at this time your plant is now in veg! The second light is a red spectrum light used for flowering when yor plant has vegged for a few weeks and reach a third of the height you want it to finish at change to this the red spectrum lamp and only leave the light on 12/12 this will then make the plant start flowering! (i use both lamps when flowering as i find it works best but you dont have too) after approximatley 2 months on 12/12 you should have a plant with some fat bud.
    There is lots more to it but this is a very basic guide have a read about the website to find out more coz im bored of writing lol! hope it helps[​IMG]

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