i want to grow but dont know how? what do i need to grow ?

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  1. i've wanted to for a while now and i have no clue how to. can some one help me ? :D
  2. start by reading a few stickies..... you'll learn heaps by just doing that alone...

    dont have to read them all at once.
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    Hey man, the best thing you can do is educate yourself. I wrote a grow guide (linked in my sig) that you can check out. These two books (here and here) are the books that got me started. When you think you know it all, read everything again. Then you'll be ready to germinate some seeds.
  4. read and when your done read some more. then watch Ultimate Grow by Jorge Cervantes. Then when your done with that read more.
  5. thanks guys. can you guys explain to me why growing a male is bad and how you can tell the gender.
  6. When you smoke marijuana, you are smoking the flowers of a female cannabis plant. Males do not produce bud, so you don't want to keep them around. If you keep them around when you've got females in your grow room, the males will pollinate the females and cause them to slow down the production of bud and THC. As soon as you spot a male, chop him down.

    To tell which is which, check the sticky at the top of the forum. :)
  7. ^More specifically, when males pollinate females then the buds are full of seeds. Keeping the males away means the bud is seedless (sinsemilla), more smokable bud.

    Unless you want to produce seeds, in which case you'll need the pollen from a male. Even then, best to keep the male separate so you don't pollinate all your girls all over, harvest the pollen, then hand-pollinate as much or as little of the buds as you want for seeds.

    There's a sticky thread top of this forum on sexing, plenty of pics there.

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