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I want to go to prison

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 2packush420, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Now before you think I'm crazy, here me out. I want to go to prison because I think it would be a great life experience. I mean all the people I can meet and learn from. Even Malcolm x said he learned more in prison than he did in school. I really want to do it for the mental aspect too.
    I got two major problems though. 1) it would hinder. My ability to find work in the future, and 2) how exactly would I get in, I don't want to do anything too crazy. Any suggestions on what I should do?
  2. Find a random cop and tell him you will willingly go to jail for any crime he chooses

    No victim, cop gets applauded for catching you burn 100 lbs of marijuana. Win-win
  3. This is a bad idea OP for you will have regrets. You don't seem to have the right state of mind to actually learn anything. You will not gain any wisdom if you force yourself into a situation.

    You must let go of these worries that burden you before you can progress to any further state. Meaning you need to let go and lose control. Let the universe beat you to a pulp and re-animate toward whatever it is your seeking.

    I say rob a bank and give it to a hobo or something. [Please remember these are words coming from a complete stranger that most likely has not a care in the world for your safety.] Please just do not involve anyone else or allow for any harm to come to others.

    This is a really bad idea and as someone whos read into the works of X I suggest you realize you are taking this way out of context. If you're not crazy you would just volunteer at a homeless shelter and make some friends but hey. :rolleyes: I hope it works out brother.
  4. What exactly do you want to learn there that can't be seen on the street? Or hell even looked up on google? That just seems like a ridiculous amount of stress/time/sanity wasted.
  5. Jail back then doesn't compare to jail today good luck defending yourself and if someone fights for u, ur their bitch

  6. So, i've heard you out however my original opinion remains unchanged.
  7. Just go work as a prison guard- can still make the connections and you arent fucked for future employment.
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    [quote name='"Highnez57"']What exactly do you want to learn there that can't be seen on the street? Or hell even looked up on google? That just seems like a ridiculous amount of stress/time/sanity wasted.[/quote]

    Well the mental aspect of knowing you are behind bars plays a big part In it.

    And I'm not worried about getting into fights. I'm not gonna go looking for fights but if they come looking for me I will be ready. I did boxing for a few years and Im well trained in jiu jitsu and hapkido.

  9. I've no knowledge of actually being in prison, but I've spent my fair share of nights in the drunk tank, and there is nothing I've really learned except she isn't a she, he's the same color as me so I can sit in his relative vicinity untill we get to talking, and cigarettes are gold.
  10. That sounds like a fuckin horrible idea. I mean yea, if you happen to end up in prison, make it a learning experience I guess, but don't go tryna get yourself into prison on purpose that's just fuckin stupid. But hey, it's your life!
  11. I don't even..
  12. Go in there and insult the biggest guy there, then reminisce over your pathetic life as you die being stomped on by a gang of gorillas.
  13. This isn't really something I would recommend as a learning experience. Most find it becomes a learning experience because they did something dumb to be put there, and learned how dumb that was while wasting several years of their lives....

    Then again, what you propose is pretty dumb, maybe you do need the learning experience.....
  14. You'll love the showers
  15. For a day? Perhaps. Anything longer? Hell no would I want to wake up every day in prison, live the day in prison, and go to bed at night in prison. repeat. FUCK NO.

  16. op i dont think you understand prison... If they fight you its gunna be an unfair fight...I know several people who have been. They will jump you if you dont have people behind you or friends within your block.

    As for the mental aspect- you have no freedom and a lot of people bossing you around. You dont get to chose anything. they pick when you go to bed, when your lights go out, what you eat, when you eat, what you read, ect.
  17. If you do it, try to get federal time...much nicer places than state...

  18. OP isn't worried, hahahaha.
  19. this is the stupidest thread ive ever known
  20. Why go to a place where the food is bad, and you got no privacy when using the bathrooms. You are like a animal in a cage. Then you gotta drink out the water fountain when you are your room mate share, where they don't clean in months , because all you drink there is a small cup of juice in each meal. There are alot of people that wish they won't be there for another daym and wish a miracle would happen so they can be free, cause it's living hell in there. but you want to go? are you on crack?.
    I hope you won't go out there and do a crime just to get locked up, jail is nothing but slavery and i wouldn't wish it to my worst enemy.
    If you want to do it for your mental aspect, that's really retarded cause all you going to learn there is be crazy, and angry.
    .And plus you get no pussy there!

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