I want to get stoned.

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  1. Yea. It's bad I know. I quit 3 months ago and enlisted in the Army. I leave in August so you would think I'm good to smoke for at least a couple weeks but something is holding me back. My recruiter said he may randomly drug test over the summer but I don't think it'll happen soon...I've read some things about storing clean urine in the freezer or something. Perhaps I'm just telling myself all this because I just want to smoke a fatty bowl a few more times before I go off into the world of the military. I'm breaking up some weed right now and it feels so good. ha
  2. Thank you for your service first of all, second of all - it's best not to play with fire.
  3. If you have the mentality to enlist in the army your willpower to quit smoking should be about the same. Just think it through before you hit that bowl.
  4. Hey man, do what you gotta do. I would of done tha same.
  5. Yea my mentality is good, but I have this one little nugget lol. I'm going to think about it for a little bit, I might just throw the weed out the window or smoke it...I'm not sureeeeee
  6. fuck you if you don't toke up. you're not in the army yet
  7. I personally say, do what would make you happy. Even if there are risks.
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    Hey, shut up. OP, just hold off, you've already gone 3 months. I smoke errday so normally I would tell you to smoke up, but if you break this streak then you might fiend harder and smoke more.
  9. I've been clean for 3 months. Say I do smoke this, which is not even .5...how long do you think it will be before I'm clean again? I work out constantly and have no body fat...

  10. hey, it'll be out of his system in a week and if he has no weed to smoke, there is no problem
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  15. spark that shit up yet? i'll smoke a j if you smoke
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    Your not officaly in the Army until you sign in to reception at BCT. Yes he can try to test you, but you don't have to go take the test, your not obligated too do it. Recruiters job is too put people in the Army, your just a number to him, so even if you do fail a test he will do everything in his power to still put you through. Just don't fail the test at MEPS because that will most likley Disqualify you from entering. MEPS is the last place you want to fuck something up, o and good luck when you go it FUCKING SUCKS. I was in the Army btw, what MOS did you pick?

    edit: nvm just saw your MOS, good luck with that bro. I was 31B (yea hate away haha) I orginially wanted EOD, but AIT is way to long.
  17. Well I already went to MEPS and passed the test. So I guess I'm good? My MOS is 18x Special Forces. yeee

    that made me feel better and not so guilty haha. I'm gonna smoke this shit :smoke:
  18. Don't do it man its not worth possibly fucking with your future.
  19. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGIo8oaMHfY&feature=fvwrel]YouTube - BOOYAH![/ame]

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