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I want to get my medical card.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by AmberBurns, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. Background about me: Recently turned 18, female, living with parents, frequent marijuana smoker, severe migraines and insomnia episodes, living in Oregon (near Portland)

    Ever since I started smoking, my insomnia and frequent, debilitating migraines have pretty much disappeared. When I stop smoking for a few days or even a week, my symptoms come back in full force. Without marijuana, I rarely get more than 4 hours of sleep a night and my migraines prevent me from being able to do anything. I sometimes get them so badly that I vomit constantly, can't see straight, and can't even get up to walk without getting dizzy and losing my vision. I smoke nearly every night in order to go to sleep and, whenever I feel a migraine coming, I smoke. I get a migraine at the very least 2 times a week and, at the most, every other day. Do you think think I would be able to get a card based on this? :confused:

    I am tired of having to deal with dealers and I want to be able to get my marijuana cleanly. My doctor tried to prescribe a bunch of medication/pills for my insomnia and headaches, but I refused to accept them because I don't believe in taking pills.
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    Do you have medical records documenting your migraine issues? If not, request them and you can then mail or fax them to one of the clinics for review and they will take it from there.:)
    Requesting Medical Records - How to Request Your Medical Records
    See the "do I qualify" thread for more details.
    Oregon is one of the more demanding states when it comes to medical records.
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    As long as you live in a state where:

    A) MMJ is legal per state laws

    B) migraines & insomnia are documented as being chronic, debilitating afflictions by your states' MMJ laws

    C) you have written documentation from your physician that you have said disorders

    D) your physician (or prescribing MD) writes a recommendation for MMJ,

    then you're in the clear. :)
  4. hey im 19 i got my card a month before my 19th birthday! private message me and i can walk you through all the steps to go through. i live in portland and got my card for chronic pain. so it should be no problem getting yours if you have insomnia or migraines. depending on the amount of visits youve had with you family doctor will depend on how quickly we can get you a card. Ill pm you. =)
  5. All u need to do is take your pill bottles in there with u. They will see your name an what u take make copies for there filles an that is it. It was funny when I went to get mine some guy had like his whole medical history. It looked like a 400 page novel. I showed him the box that my migraine pills came in an that was it.
  6. Are you in Cali? Oregon wants that 400 pages of medical history. ;)

  7. it's seriously that bad in Oregon? It couldn't be easier for anyone to get one in California. Then again the Feds are cracking down sadly.
  8. Yup. They are being very neurotic here. I know several people who have been refused cards due to lack of records. Its easier when you re up than it is on the inital visit.
  9. Realistically, I feel this is the way it should be nationwide. I couldn't believe how easy it was when I got my Cali recommendation (type 1 diabetic, astigmatism & stage 1 retinopathy) considering I only brought in my insulin RX and nothing more. MMJ has its benefits, yes, but too many people are taking advantage of a system designed to benefit those who truly need it.

    (And therein lies the proverbial can of worms that I won't even bother opening...)
  10. That's bullshit, i don't think you have to be dying to use medical cannabis. Cannabis helps with almost every disease out there. I believe that everyone who's looking for a healthier alternative to traditional medicine should be able to use cannabis. From people who use it for minor headaches instead of asprin to people who have serious illnesses such as cancer.

    The way i see it marijuana is 1000x safer than most OTC medicine (don't even get me started on scripts) so fuck the gov't for denying people the right to seek a more natural/healthy way to heal.
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    I wanted to get my card, but I don't think I will now. I wanted it because I get headaches almost every day when I don't smoke. And ill get a migraine once or twice a week as well. I also have insomnia, I've had it since I was a kid. Plus I have ocd, not as bad as some people, but having ocd at all is not good. I also have panic attacks.

    But when I smoke, no headaches(well hardly any), I sleep fine, my ocd is pretty much gone now that I've been smoking daily for the last year and I haven't had any panic attacks in a very long time. Id rather smoke then take headache medicine. I took so much headache medicine that it literally makes me sick. It makes me dizzy, messes with my vision, and it makes me shake. I just felt like too many people go in for those symptoms and I didn't want to make the mmj war that's going on in cali right now any worse.

    You should ask your doctor for your medical records. And maybe even let him prescribe you some medicine to make your case solid.
  12. allot of doctors don't even request medical records.

  13. in CA you don't need records or anything just walk in to one of the "clinics" and walk out with your card/prescription within 5 minutes later. But OP is living in Oregon, where it is much tougher I hear.
  14. Yeah its not really that hard here in oregon. you just have to have your medical records and several documents visits to a doctor about the same isssue that qualifies so the mmj doctor can say they have reason enough to diagnose you, or an already pre diagnosed qualifying issue from your doctor. then you pay in cash and they write their signature on a paper. you take that to the state and pay some more cash. and there ya have it. it costs about 300-400 $ if you dont have government or state aid.

    but this doesnt mean you can just say hey doc whenever i smoke pot it makes my pain go away. you have to have some sort of proof.
  15. I'm sorry, It could be because I'm tired. But by proof do you mean documentation that marijuana elevates the pain or that you have chronic pain that's being treated? ( I picked that cause I have nerve damage and arthritis in my spine)

    Oh ya and I'm going to be moving back to Oregon soon. ^ ^
  16. Hey, dudes! I am on the California / Oregon border, so I tried to get legal in Oregon, too!

    NO GO! I have a "Catch 22" situation. As long as I have cannabis, I don't get migraines- haven't had one for YEARS! So migraines don't show up in my medical records, except for around 2002, when I quite for a while due to the threat of drug testing at my job! And I am NOT going to have another migraine just to please some frickin' doctor! So I am "legal" only in California!

  17. proof. like for me i have chronic pain in my knee. anyone can say that, but i have proof of it because i have doctor visits and documents that PROVE i had several operations, a torn acl and a torn meniscus.
  18. [quote name='"Macandcheez"']proof. like for me i have chronic pain in my knee. anyone can say that, but i have proof of it because i have doctor visits and documents that PROVE i had several operations, a torn acl and a torn meniscus.[/quote]

    Yea I just showed him the scares from my knee an hip surgeries an that was it
  19. Ok so another question. I'm going to be going to a pain specialist in Oregon when I finally move there. I have documentation for the past year and a half involving cortisone shots in my spine and some meds that start with o and end in cotton. And a mussel relaxer that may or may not have contributed to me losing my gall bladder.

    Would I be able to get a rec from them? Or are there specific docs that you takes your stuff to. Also, there are times when I have worse pain then normal. If I get my card, would my pain Doc decrease my pain meds? I'd be cool with that if I find the right strain to release my pain. But its nice to have back ups.
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    Everything you need to know in order to get your medical weed card

    [ame=]SOUTH PARK Medicinal Fried Chicken - YouTube[/ame]

    Lol just had to throw this in for humor since I think previous posters got you covered.
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