I want to get a new stem and bowl. 14mm or 18mm, straight or diffused?

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    Firstly, I know it's china glass but i just need a better stem might as well get something decent.
    Also, i kind of want a diffuser because i hear they help the smoke cool down a bit, is that true
    heres the one i'm eyeballing 
    diffuser http://www.grasscity.com/us_en/smoking-pipes/bongs-waterpipes/glass-bongs/glass-bong-accessories-and-spare-parts/glass-downpipes-diffusors-and-percolators/weed-star-diffuser-downstem-bong-adapter-14-5mm.html#.Uu2YZPldV98
    bowl http://www.grasscity.com/us_en/smoking-pipes/bongs-waterpipes/glass-bongs/glass-bong-accessories-and-spare-parts/bong-cups-and-bowls/weed-star-clear-glass-cylinder-bowl-14-5mm.html#.Uu2bJ_ldV98
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    edit* Plenty of room for a longer stem as well


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  2. i'd say its a 14mm.
  3. I don't think diffusers help cool the smoke (could be wrong) but they definitely filter it more and make it smoother
  4. Those wont fit your piece blade. The downstem you posted is for a glass on glass bong not a graumet bong.
  5. What he said.

    You got the wrong type of bong. Save up like 100 bucks and go get a Glass on Glass and deck with out with what you want.

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  6. Thanks all, i'm just gonna cut a piece of steel tubing and bend it a little in the middle. What type of metal is the safest, all i have  is some steel tubing i can use. 
  7. Thanks for letting me know that, i'm kinda new to bongs. Also that stem i had cracked right after i took that pic, taped it up though, wasn't tempered and i like iced water...should've let it cool.
  8. My lungs are killing me from just reading that :\\ don't be cheep if your going to smoke do it right

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